what size air rifle for coyotes

What Size Air Rifle for Coyotes: Time to Hunt

Coyotes can not only damage your property and precious animals, but also they can harm you!

So, coyotes can be a very serious threat to you.

Thinking of such, you decided to use an airgun to suppress coyotes.

Question is, what size air rifle for coyotes is perfect?

Generally, an air rifle with .25 caliber and 50 FPE power is ideal for taking down coyotes. So, any air rifle with .25 caliber or even higher will be perfect to hunt coyotes. You can shoot the pellets with enough energy to hunt the coyotes. Whether you are giving a headshot or body shot.

Now, why the .30 caliber is good for coyotes? For that, you will need a bit more info.

For that, you have to go through this article. It has just the information for you.

Let’s move in!

What Is the Perfect Air Rifle for Coyotes

Air rifles vary depending on the caliber they have. Thus some air rifles are perfect for hunting small prey while others hunt bigger targets. 

Generally, air rifles that have a caliber below .30 are great for hunting small animals like squirrels, prairie dogs, etc. However, here’s someone who hunted down coyotes with .357 caliber rounds.

For hunting bigger animals with an airgun like bison, it’s best to use a .30 caliber. Or more.

Now, you may think, “what caliber air gun for coyotes?”

Well, coyotes are neither small a squirrel nor big as a bison. Thus, a .30 or .25 caliber air rifle will simply do the trick. 

If you have guns with more caliber, you can use them as well. Even though they are way too strong to hunt coyotes.

caliber air gun for coyotes
Source: Silencer Central

Why It is Good for Hunting?

We have seen earlier that the .30 caliber or higher caliber guns are perfect to hunt coyotes.

The next thing you wonder is, ‘why a .25 or a .30 air rifle for hunting is considered?’

These guns can shoot enough strong bullets to hunt any coyote. Not only that. Because of enough power, you can even take the coyotes with one shot. This can save you from the wastage of your ammo. Also, these high-caliber air rifles come with longer barrels. You can take don the coyotes silently.

Obviously, there are many reasons why .25 or .30 rifles are the best airguns for coyotes.

And, we are going to see why.

Better Accuracy 

Yes, if you use a .30 caliber air rifle for hunting coyotes, you can kill them with one shot. Whether it’s a Gamo or a Crosman.

Usually, a bullet fired from a .30 caliber air rifle can fire highly energized bullets. At least strong enough to kill a coyote. 

If you aim at the head of a coyote, a .30 caliber shot can directly crush the skull of the coyote.

Even if you miss a headshot, do not worry. The bullets contain enough energy to slay the coyote with a body shot as well. No wonder why the .25 and .30 caliber air rifle is used to hunt coyotes!

There’s more. If you use guns with a higher caliber than .30, the coyote will die in a single shot.

Because of this, you can take coyotes with better accuracy. Also in the perfect time. 

Moreover, you can save up your bullets and can kill many more coyotes!

Using any .30 caliber air rifle also gives you a distance advantage. You can take down a coyote easily even if the coyote is 100 yards away. And the more caliber weapon you use, the more distance you can cover!

air rifle for hunting
Source: Carolina Sportsman

Efficient Performance 

With the .30 caliber air rifle, you can give the coyote a nice and easy death.

Sometimes, if you use any guns with a low caliber than .25, the coyote may not die. Rather, it might get wounded and escape.

This way not only you have lost your ammo, but also, your coyote issue can get messy.

However, using a .25 caliber or a .30 caliber rifle will spare you such a problem.

In a .30 caliber air rifle, the muzzle power you get is almost around 50 FPE. 

Now when the coyote gets hit with a bullet of such power, definitely it will fall.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the same coyote again!

Perfect for Using in Any Neighborhood 

Surely a .30 caliber air rifle is a big gun for use. And the bigger the guns, the more silent they are.

The .30 caliber air rifles come off with a very long barrel. The bullet moves through the barrel for quite a time before going out of the rifle. 

Because of this, the noise of the bullets gets suppressed. After all, the longer barrel dampens the noise of the pellets when they are inside.

Because of this, when you shoot, there will be barely any sound.

So, if there’s any coyote you are planning to shoot, it won’t understand. Hence you can smoothly take the coyote without letting it escape.

Besides, noise while hunting coyotes can be quite a menace for the neighbors around you. As a result, you can peacefully hunt down the coyotes. 

Thus, the .30 or .25 caliber may be too much of a strong airgun to kill groundhogs. However, perfect for coyotes.

Hall of Fame

Well, until now, you know that .25 or .30 caliber air rifles are best for hunting coyotes.

Now let’s see some of the best air rifles of these calibers. These rifles have been widely used for hunting.

Name of The GunCaliberHighest SpeedHighest Power
Airs Arms S510 XS Ultimate Sporter FAC.25815 FPS43 FPE
FX Impact MKII.30890 FPS124 FPE
Umarex Hammer.501055 FPS495 FPE
AirForce Texan SS.301130 FPS400 FPE
Ataman M2R Tact Carbine Type 4.3098095.8 FPE

These are some of the famous air rifles for hunting coyotes. Apart from these, some other honorable mentions are.

With precise zoom scope, the Gamo Silent Cat air rifle is perfect to hunt down coyotes. You can check the price on Amazon.

For a lightweight airgun, go for Hatsan BullBoss PCP Air Rifle. You can check for availability on Amazon.

Overall the Benjamin Armada Air Rifle is good for any harsh weather condition. You can check the price on Amazon.

The next time you hear any coyote in your locality, you know what to do!

PCP Air Rifle
Source: Used Airsoft

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Hunt Coyotes with A .17 Caliber Air Rifle?

It is possible to hunt coyotes with a .17 air rifle. However, you need to maintain a few facts. You can kill coyotes within 50 yards. Because the bullets don’t get enough power to travel a longer distance than this. Moreover, shoot at the head. Bodyshots may damage the coyote, but it won’t get killed.

Should I Carry A Manometer While Hunting?

You should carry a manometer while hunting. It can help you to check the pressure of your air gun. If your rifle is running low on pressure, you can figure it out. Sometimes, you may need to change the air pressure for different types of hunts. With a manometer, you can check and set the pressure.

Is There Any Other Way to Stop Coyotes than Killing?

You can hunt the coyotes in non-lethal ways. You can use coyote traps, cages, snares, etc to stop coyotes. You can lure and lock the coyotes into the trap. Also, you can keep mountain lions to guard your backyard. The coyotes fear the mountain lion and they won’t dare to get on your property.

Ending Ceremony

The time of our hunting session has ended! This is all I had on ‘what size air rifle for coyotes’.

However, think you need more info? Don’t worry. You can reach out to any professional predator hunters for help.

Till then, stay safe. See you soon!

Show the coyotes who’s the boss.

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