What Does AOEG Scope Mean? Explained in Detail!!

Just like telescopes, rifle scopes can help you zoom into far-away objects. However, you would want something which ensures both accuracy and precision. And AOEG rifle scopes can fulfill both criteria.

Now you must be wondering, what does AOEG scope mean?

AOEG simply means Adjustable Objective Etched Glass reticle. An adjustable objective is a dial found at the objective end of the scope. It can help perceive a clear image. While an etched glass reticle can help you attain precision over a long distance. Plus, it also helps in rangefinding!

But why should you pick an AOEG scope for your rifle? Well, we have every factor explained in detail in this article. Just read on to know more.

Things You Should Know First

Before talking about AOEG rifle scopes, you need to understand the different types of scopes that are out there. And it’s the types of general types of rifle scopes available. It will help you understand where the AOEG rifle scope stands in the market.

Types of Rifle Scopes

Here are the two basic types of rifle scopes. They should clear any confusion you have, and help you understand AOEG rifle scopes better. 

Fixed Scope

A pretty basic type of scope with a fixed level of magnification. So what you see at first glance through the reticle, is all you get. One of the best ones is actually the CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope.

Variable Scope

Unlike the fixed scope, the variable scope has variable levels of magnification. So you can zero a scope with a mirror or however it suits you best. AOEG rifle scopes are a good example due to their adjustable rifle scope feature. 

AOEG Rifle Scope Specialty: A Quick Glimpse

An AOEG rifle scope has multiple notable features. We have noted down a couple of key features for you. This should help you understand what’s so special about AOEG scopes. So, let’s have a quick look at them!

Magnification (adjustable, usually 3x and above)Optimal for mid to long-range shooting
Illuminated reticle Shots can be fired quickly & accurately
Hard-anodizing multi-coated lensGood hand feel & long-lasting
Rangefinder reticleHelps determine the target distance

Detailed Analysis of AOEG Scope

AOEG rifle scopes are becoming increasingly popular by the day. And that’s why you are here. To know more about this scope. 

We know the amount of information may seem overwhelming. But thankfully it’s nowhere near as complicated as the troubleshooting process of nerf mega mastodon.

You Don’t Have to Worry About the Weight

In rifle scope terminology, AO stands for the adjustable objective. Scopes containing AO are light, small in size, and contain just a few parts. So they won’t increase your gun’s weight too much.

Not to mention, your gun will mostly sustain its weight. And since they only contain a few parts, they’re both easy and cheap to manufacture.

You Can Obtain Greater Accuracy 

An adjustable objective rifle scope is designed to allow the shooter to focus on its target. It makes the target image you’re viewing through the scope appear as sharp as possible

But how does it do that? Well, it’s simple. By parallax correction through parallax adjustment. 

Now, we’re not a fan of physics either so we’ll try to make things simple for you. In riflescopes, the reticle is obviously closer to your eye, than it is to the target. But, you can’t place your eye in the exact spot every time. 

This causes the reticle to move a little compared to the target. As a result, where the pellet strikes the target will also shift. And now you have lowered accuracy. 

But in AO scopes, airgunners can look through the scope and adjust the dial. They’ll turn the dial until their target seems crystal clear

And that means the parallax error has been reduced as much as it could have been. And you actually have improved accuracy

You can Solve Your Rangefinding Problems

Additionally, parallax corrections help airgunners in rangefinding. When your target is 150 yards away, it’s difficult to make out details. But at 30 yards away, you can observe them quite vividly. 

This allows airgunners to read the distance based on the reading on the focus knob. So this is useful to improve any aim-related issues!

Normally, this kind of rifle scope should be an obvious choice for tactical hunting. Especially if your rifle has a side focus. That’s because most of the time the precise distance to the target remains unknown. But rangefinding solves that!

You Can Get Increased Reticle Durability

EG is another one of the rifle scope abbreviations that you should know before purchasing a rifle scope. EG means etched glass and they come highly recommended. 

However, sometimes they are also called glass etched reticles. So, let’s get straight into what makes them stand out when it comes to scope reticles.

Etched glass rifle scopes are very durable, despite the rumor claiming them to be weak and feeble.

But, here’s the thing:

First off, you can’t exactly harm the reticle without first damaging the glass itself. Secondly, a thin layer of glass lays on top of the etched reticle as well. 

We want the reticles to be as durable as possible. The last thing you would want is a damaged reticle after some use. So if you’re looking for something strong, then a glass etched rifle scope is the only way to go!

You Can Store It Easily

Storing an AOEG scope is pretty simple, and similar to how you can store any rifle scope. 

It’s important to have a cover over your scope and its lens when storing away. This will make sure it remains dust-free and squeaky clean! 

Below are some recommended covers which you can use to store your AOEG scope and its lens:

Additional Benefits Which Come With the Etched Glass

During the making of laser-etched glass reticles, extensive precision to detail is required. So it’s highly unlikely that it will have any deformities. 

They don’t require any wire components. And they tend to be more accurate compared to wire reticles as well. So between the wire and etched reticles, the etched reticle is superior.

Glass etched reticles allow for more than one variation of crosshairs. And if all of these weren’t enough, the glass also comes with the best coatings

What’s So Special About AOEG Rifle Scopes?

Let’s sum up the whole thing. 

AOEG scopes can fall under variable rifle scopes. And with an adjustable magnification range, they are optimal for mid to long-range shooting. It has good tracking and enhances your overall accuracy.

A fun fact about AOEG scopes is that they have an illuminated rangefinder. This actually makes them suitable for hunting in low-light situations.


What is meant by 6-24×50 on a rifle scope?

The 6-24×50 refers to the magnification power of the scope. By 6-24x, the range of magnification is implied. The 50 refers to the diameter of the objective lens as 50mm.

What scope magnification is suitable for a distance of 500 yards?

Ideally, a scope with a minimum magnification of 5x and can be adjusted up to 18x is required. Without this much, you won’t be able to land shots 500 yards away. 

What should be the right scope magnification for 1000 yards?

At least 10x magnification is required for a target distance of 1000 yards. This is because your target would need to seem like it’s just 100 yards away.

Final Words

You should now have an overall idea of what does AOEG scope means. We tried our best to sum it up for you and we hope you found this article useful!

Make sure to always zero a scope before use. Otherwise, you won’t get an accurate view. 

Until next time!

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