what air rifle will kill a groundhog

What Air Rifle Will Kill A Groundhog?

Do you have a problem with groundhogs eating all of the vegetables in your garden? Or perhaps woodchucks have dug a network of tiny burrows across your ranch.

The aforementioned scenarios are surprisingly very common! So, if you’re dealing with a groundhog-related issue, you’re not alone.

At some point, you might think, “What air rifle will kill a groundhog?”

Pellet guns are a popular method for eradicating groundhogs from residential yards. These are often referred to as airguns. It is widely regarded as an approach that is both effective and kind to the animals. It takes a speed of at least 1,200 feet per second to kill a groundhog. 

That’s for the short briefing. Let’s dive into the topic to find out the best gun for your purpose.

What is a Groundhog? 

Groundhog is a type of rodent exclusively found in North America. They are also known as woodchucks. They usually eat different types of fruits, plants, and vegetables.

What is a Groundhog
Source: survivaljunkies.com

However, they can be a nuisance too. They dig holes in the soil and can ruin your yard. Furthermore, they might eat your garden. Hence, it’s best to keep them off your property.

How to Kill a Groundhog?

Let’s check out the prey we’ll be shooting at with airguns before we start hurling armaments. Usually, a groundhog will weigh in at around 9 ounces. 

In contrast, your usual squirrel peaks out at roughly a pound. 

When shopping for an airgun to use for hunting, it’s important to find a strong one. Pick one that can deliver a powerful enough shot to kill the wildlife.

Kill a Groundhog
Source: airgunnation.com

The groundhog is remarkably hardy and resilient, but with the correct airgun, you can eliminate the threat permanently with a clean, ethical, and rapid kill shot. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best airgun choices for getting rid of woodchucks.

Things to Consider While Choosing an Air Rifle For Killing Groundhog

Some things should be thought about before settling on a firearm for the task at hand. Here we have discussed the crucial aspects of choosing an air rifle. Also, like the BB gun range, the pellet guns have range considerations too.

FPS vs FPE in Hunting: 

The FPE is more important than the FPS in this case. The FPS can be adjusted by changing the weight of the projectile. However, the FPE of a given airgun remains rather constant.

FPS vs FPE comparison chart
Source: aboutairgunning.com

For tiny wildlife like squirrels and rabbits, you actually need a lot less than 12-foot pounds. This is applicable to killing them humanely. A 6-foot, pound shot, if placed properly, can accomplish the trick. 

To make the transition from squirrel to a groundhog, you won’t need to use the same thing twice. But you will need something more potent than you might think.

Muzzle Energy Rule of Thumb:

The 3X Principle is a general rule of thumb for choosing the muzzle energy. Muzzle energy should be calculated by multiplying the weight of your target by at least a factor of three. Especially when dealing with small wildlife.

The 3X Principle
Source: outdoorlife.com

A reasonable rule of thumb is to use a multiplier of 2x for medium to large animals. This is for their size and weight increase. 

The more massive you are, the more subjective things become. Nonetheless, for the time being, let’s stick to our original plan and go groundhog hunting.

FPE Starting Range:

Small game is often much tougher than people give them credit for, but 30-foot pounds is a safe bet. 

Further, it’s much more difficult to hit a moving quarter than a stationary circle. An extra burst of power is a great method to guarantee a morally sound killing shot. Numerous types of airguns are capable of producing this kind of power. 

Check out this selection of top-tier air guns to get the job done well.

The Best Air Rifles For Groundhog Killing

Looking for an air rifle for killing groundhogs? There is a wide variety of possibilities to consider. 

However, we have narrowed the field down to four excellent choices for you to consider. These are the best in the business.

Seneca Aspen 0.25 Caliber:

Consider the Seneca Aspen in.25 calibers if you only need a gun for pest control. When it comes to eliminating groundhogs, this airgun may be the most effective option. 

Here’s an instance where the .25 cal gun came on top against a groundhog! (Go through the external link to check the full picture)

This PCP has everything you need, including a hand pump, all in one convenient package. A good airgun scope with AO and Mil-Dot reticle is included right out of the box. 

You can start eliminating the pests that are wreaking havoc in your yard or garden immediately. A few minutes and some pellets are all that are required.

Seneca Aspen 0.25 Caliber
Source: mountainsportairguns.com

The lower setting exerts around 27-foot pounds of force. The higher level exerts close to 40 foot-pounds of force. At 50 yards, it will effortlessly put 8 bullets (a full mag) into a 1″ group. This is as accurate as an FX Royale 500.

However, it lacks high-end features like wooden stock and polished metal hardware. If you want something more premium, you can check out the Benjamin Marauder. That is one hell of an airgun to own!

AirForce Condor SS 0.25 Caliber:

What if you’re an avid marksman and the groundhogs in your yard have become a major nuisance? Then you should check into 0.25 caliber single-shot weapons like the AirForce Condor SS. 

Stylish and incredibly effective, this tack driver fires a single bullet. Its variable output is sufficient to propel a benchmark .25 cal pellet to over 50-foot pounds.

AirForce Condor SS 0.25 Caliber
Source: youtube.com

AirForce has been creating airguns right here in the USA for many years. And they’ve polished their design and execution of that concept. The Condor is useful for shooting beyond 100 yards since it can propel modern airgun “slugs.”.

Seneca Eagle Claw 0.25 Caliber

You might check out the Seneca Eagle Claw in .25 caliber if hunting is your thing. Also, choose this if you want to do more than simply get rid of the odd insect. 

The Eagle Claw’s.25 caliber can produce about 60-foot pounds of pellet thrust. Like the other of our choices, it features a power dial so that shooters may turn it down for smaller wildlife and up for larger predators and pests.

Seneca Eagle Claw 0.25 Caliber
Source: airsenalshop.com

The lever action is what makes this gun special, as it allows the shooter to keep their eye on the target while reloading the eight-round magazine.

Gamo Varmint Air Rifle 0.177 Caliber

Concerned about money? If you’re looking for a high-quality pellet rifle for varmint hunting, go no further than the Gamo Varmint Air Rifle. 

There is plenty of power in this hunting pellet rifle, but it is still quiet enough to be used in residential areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Ammonia Get Rid Of Groundhogs?

Yes, it does. Cloudy Ammonia is widely utilized to repel away the groundhogs. If you do not want to buy it from a store, you can produce the solution at home. Add a quarter cup of water to two tablespoons of detergent and stir. Add two cups of normal ammonia to the solution and stir thoroughly.

What Is The Most Accurate Air Rifle Caliber For Hunting Rodents?

The 20-caliber air rifle is the most versatile option. Knockdown power is significantly increased above that of a.177 air rifle. However, the trajectory is kept relatively low. Another common rifle caliber is 0.25. It is used for hunting rodents.

What Is the Maximum Range of an Air Rifle?

The most common range is 20-30 yards. Most people find this range optimal for hunting. However, some people can accurately shoot up to 50 yards. This depends on the rifle and the user. Expert users can go beyond 50 yards. 


That will be all on what air rifle will kill a groundhog. Hopefully, you have found the perfect air rifle for the purpose.

Here is a tip, you can use fumigation to bring the groundhogs out of the burrows.

Have a great day.

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