Walther Terrus vs RWS 34: Which Is the Best?

Let me guess, you are a person who’s into hunting. No! Then you must be a professional shooter! Is it also a no! No worries at all if you don’t even have a little idea about air rifles. 

If you are planning to buy a good one then this article is for you. Because we’re here to help you pick the right rifle today!

So, what’s the difference between Walther Terrus vs RWS 34?

Well, firstly, Walther Terrus has more velocity than RWS 34. But RWS 34 is lighter and easier to carry than Walther Terrus. Furthermore, overall length and barrel lengthwise RWS 34 win as well. There’s a price difference between these two as well. Walther Terrus is less expensive.

ABove conversation not helpful enough? No worries! We’ve described each factor here. 

So, let’s dig into it. 

Walther Terrus or RWS 34: A Quick Comparison

Before going in-depth, we’ve prepared an all-over comparison chart for you. Let’s have a quick look into it:   

FactorsWalther TerrusRWS 34
Velocity1050 fps800 fps
Gun Weight9.7 lbs7.55 lbs
Overall Length44.25”45.00”
Barrel Length17.75”19”

Walther Terrus or RWS 34? In-Depth Comparison

So far, you can think these two guns are pretty similar. But there are some big differences which we can talk about. 

As you are in search of a good comparison with RWS 34. Then Hatsan 95 can be a good fighter. Just do a comparison between RWS 34 and Hatsan 95

But in this article, let’s check out the battle between Walther Terrus and RWS 34. 

Caliber and Velocity 

As we have got both Walter Terrus and RWS 34 are available in 2 different calibers. Which are 0.177 and 0.22. Though the caliber is the same, there is a significant difference in the velocity. 

Walter Terrus 0.177 cal and 0.22 cal both have the same velocity of 1050 fps. Again RWS 34 0.177 cal and 0.22 cal both have 800 fps. So, the velocity gap between these two guns is 250 fps. This can create a different shooting experience.

So, you will get the same option in both of these guns. But in terms of power, Walter Terrus will be ahead of RWS 34.


Do you think weight can be a determiner in choosing your gun? Then this segment is for you. 

The weight of Walter Terrus is 9.7 lbs and the weight of RWS 34 is 7.55 lbs. So, the weight difference is 2.15 lbs. This can be a major factor for beginners when they are picking on between these two. 

Because it is seen that most beginners want their guns to be lighter. Because it gives a better handgrip for them. And they can carry it easily.


There is no big difference between the overall length of these two guns. Walter Terrus is 44.25” and RWS 34 is 45”. 

But the length of the barrel is quite different. Walter Terrus has 17.75” of barrel length and RWS 34 has 19”. This can definitely be a matter of choice. 


We have already discussed the velocity of both guns right! We have also found that Walter Terrus has  250 fps more velocity than RWS 34. So, you might think that Walter Terrus has better accuracy.

But there’s a catch-

RWS 34 has better accuracy in 25 yards range. But if the range is more than 25 yards, Walter Terrus performs better for its higher velocity.


Price is the largest differentiator among all these. Walther Terrus costs around $250 and RWS 34 costs around  $300. So this $50 difference can be a determiner if you are more into budget-friendliness. 

Till now I hope you have got a clear idea about all the aspects of these two guns. To make your vision clearer you can also check scar vs hk416. We think this can also help you to make a good purchase decision. 

Which One Should You Choose?

So, now it’s the time for the ultimate decision. Which one is the best for you?

Let us ask you something, before buying a gun what’s your main concern? 

It can be the budget. And if we compare the price of Walter Terrus and RWS 34, there is a noticeable difference. 

RWS 34 is $50 more expensive than Walter Terrus. Which can be a decision-making point. 

As the price of RWS 34 is a bit higher so we can expect something better from it right! Yes, it is. RWS 34 is more capable as a small game hunting air gun. But Walter Terrus is also good at hunting, plinking, and target shooting. 

But in that particular price range, Walter Terrus won’t disappoint you.

Safety, Modifications, and Maintenance Tips 

So, we hope by this time you’ve made your decision. But now we should talk about the most important part of using an airgun, safety! You should always take precautionary safety before and while using your gun.

By the way, if you’ve purchased a gun, you might wonder about the modifications. So, we’ve helped you with that as well. 

Walter Terrus and RWS 34 both can be modified for your comfort and shooting experience.

Scope: You can use the scope in both these guns. Rifle Scope 3-9X32 or CVLIFE 3-9×40 Optics can be a great choice for that. 

Gun Light: Gun light is very effective for shooting in the dark. You just need to install the scope and boom you are ready to fire in the dark. Both Walter Terrus and RWS 34 can hold the gun light. Helotex 1000 Lumen can be a friend of yours at night. 

Bipod: Bipod is very effective for stable shooting and accuracy. And the fun part is you can also use bipods on both of these guns. CVLIFE Rifle Bipod is one of the best in the market.

Now, after modification, let’s talk about maintenance. Because no matter which gun you have, maintaining it properly is important. Otherwise, if you have Hatsan 135, you’ll face problems with the gun. The same goes for RWS 34 and Walter Terrus. 

So, let’s start with Walter Terrus first. There can be some screw-related problems. You need to maintain them more often. 

There can be a problem with the front trigger screw. Sometimes cocking is hard if the screw gets tight. So, you need to keep the screw a bit loose to cock properly.

Then again after a few shots, the trigger screw gets loosened automatically. So it needs to be tightened again and again. But a washer can be effective to resolve this problem.

Now, you’ll get the same kind of problem in RWS 34 as well. Its trigger screw gets loose after around 100 shots. A washer can be a solution for this as well


Which Air Rifle Is the Best for Hunting Squirrels and Rabbits!

RWS 34 is a great choice for that. In different caliber models, .177 can do good in it. Then again Walter Terrus .22 cal is a good value for money option. 

Is the Diana 34 still the best value in the market?

Diana RWS 34 comes in the range of $290-$300. RWS 34 is in the top list of most of the users because of its accuracy and great hand filling. But Walter Terrus can also be a good option as it’s less expensive than RWS 34. It can be chosen for small hunting, plinking, and target shooting. 

Is RWS 34 The Miata of Air Rifles?

RWS 34 is considered one of the best value-for-money guns you can get. It is a genuine beast under $300. Maybe that’s why it is compared with the Mazda Miata. 

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Let’s check out the battle between Daisy 880 vs 901 for the best view.


So, fellas, I hope all the confusion between Walther Terrus vs RWS 34 has already been solved. And this article will help you to choose between your desired air rifle.

If you have any more questions please put them in the comment box. We are here to answer those anytime.

So, good wishes for your new gun. Stay happy and stay safe.

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