how far can a bb gun shoot

How Far Can A BB Gun Shoot? Full Measurements!

In the world of airsoft, every player wishes they had access to a long-range airsoft weapon. 

However, the range of the BB gun is largely determined by the laws of physics.

You might hit google to know “How far can a BB gun shoot?”

Most airsoft BB guns have a range of 120-180 feet maximum before the BB falls off. Gravity and wind limit the range of the BB pellets. This range may vary from gun type and quality. Weather, attachments, energy, and BB quality also determine the effective range of an airsoft gun.

Well, that’s only a short overview of the whole picture. I have prepared much more if you want to get the full disclosure. 

So, come along to enrich your knowledge about the BB gun range!

Effective Range vs Maximum Range 

Before we go any further, we need to understand the effective range and maximum range first. These two terms are very crucial for determining airsoft gun range.

Effective Range vs Maximum Range OF A SNIPER

Max range is the farthest a BB can travel before falling to the ground. However, just because it can travel a certain range, it doesn’t mean it will do so accurately. Not every gun is as accurate as the FX Royale 500.

Effective range is defined by the distance a BB will travel maintaining its degree of accuracy. 

However, to maintain this effective range accuracy, you will need to adjust your gun. You will need to adjust the drop and windage. Even if the target is in the effective range, this is essential for accuracy. 

Also, to hit long shots, you need to be a good marksman too.

Factors Influencing Shooting Range 

There are several factors that affect the maximum and effective shooting range of a BB gun. You need to consider these aspects to get an accurate idea of the shooting range. 

However, don’t take your sibling out on an alley like this guy to check the range of BB guns! 

With that out of the equation, let’s move ahead!

Here we have discussed the factors elaborately just for your ease.


The range of an airsoft gun is directly proportional to the velocity of the BBs. Therefore, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out how energy levels and velocity affect the BB-gun range


This means that increasing your gun’s FPS is a simple way to give it more reach. More energy means more velocity which in turn ends up in a more effective range. 

However, do keep in mind that too high FPS is banned in some fields and competitions. 

Do check your rules and regulations before going to the competition. Contrarily, too low fps will end up in zero backspin and early bullet drop.

BB Quality: 

This is the factor many airsoft users overlook when calculating the shooting range. If you want to get the most out of your gun, BBs should be at least 0.2gm.

john wayn lil duke

Getting the most out of your BBs involves a wide variety of considerations beyond their weight. Their level of polish, the materials used, etc are important factors too.

However, the higher you go on BB weight, you will lose some range. But you will definitely gain consistency and accuracy.


The outdoor weather can impact your gun’s range in multiple ways. It plays a vital role that can alter the course of motion. 

For example, a headwind will drastically reduce your gun’s effective range. Your BBs will fall short. On the other hand, a tailwind will boost your BB range by a good margin.

The temperature can also affect the gun’s range. This is applicable for gas-powered guns especially. 

They tend to underperform in cold weather. Using CO2 cartridges in the gun is discouraged in harsh weather due to its pressure drop.

Hop-up/Bucking Attachments:

Hop-up and Buckings are very important for the backspin and range of the gun.

Bucking Attachments

A hop-up is a mechanism housed within the barrel of an airsoft gun. It is intended to cause the BB to spin backward as it leaves the muzzle. 

The quality of your hop-up can greatly affect your gun’s range. This is because projectiles that spin go far straight and further than those that don’t. It can even solve the dead feed issue as well!

So, it’s better to replace your current hop-up with a new one if you want a better range.

If I were to recommend any, then WinPro HOP-UP Chamber will come to mind. It’s very ergonomic for M4 guns. The Airsoft M4 Hop Up Chamber is also great!

Bucking is the rubber shroud within the hop-up that makes contact with the BB to generate a backspin. This is crucial if you want your backspin to be consistent from shot to shot.

Prometheus Purple Air Seal Chamber is a premium bucking for your bb guns. You can also check out the Mad Bull Thunder Series Bucking.

So, How Far Can A BB Gun Shoot? 

When considering all the factors, the question of a BB gun’s range cannot be answered that easily. 

With that being said, let’s have a look at this quick info table for an overview.

FPS Maximum Effective Range (Feet) 
300 125-175
400 Up to 300

However, this table is based on gun FPS. This is for an overall concept of the range. Wait, there’s more. 

We have prepared a table based on gun types too. Let’s have a look at that.

Gun Type Maximum Effective Range (Feet) 
BB Pistols 50-80 
BB SMGs120-150 
BB Rifles150-200
BB Snipers175-225

Now, let’s dig deep into the details.

How Far Can BB Pistols Shoot? 

There are two types of airsoft BB pistols on the market. They are spring-powered and gas-powered.
The effective range of a spring-powered airsoft handgun is no more than 40 feet (12m).

BB Pistols

However, the range of gas-powered airsoft pistols is far greater. It stands typically between 50 and 80 feet (15 and 24 meters). Moreover, do keep in mind that the range of gas-powered pistols will come down in cold weather.

How Far Can BB SMGs And Rifles Shoot?

Airsoft BB SMGs are capable of good shooting range. However, this varies from model to model.

A good BB SMG will give you a maximum effective range of 120-150 feet (36-45m). Choosing high-quality BB is essential for this range. It will ensure a consistent flight path.

On the other hand, BB rifles tend to have more range and accuracy than SMGs. You can expect a maximum effective range of 150-200 feet with a good rifle. This range may vary from model to model. 

Do keep in mind that, to reach a good effective range, you will need a well-tuned rifle.

How Far Can BB Snipers Shoot?

Airsoft sniper rifles are one of the most popular guns among enthusiasts. It has the longest range among BB guns and is best for specific engagements.

Most airsoft sniper rifles can hit targets accurately at 200 feet. As these rifles have high fps, accuracy can be an issue sometimes. However, this can be overcome using weighted BBs.

The typical effective range of an airsoft sniper rifle lies between 175-225 feet (53-68m). Some sniper rifles can shoot targets accurately up to 300 feet (90m). But this depends on the shooter and the quality of the rifle.

Tips On Increasing The Range of Your BB Gun

Airsoft guns tend to have less range than real-life firearms. However, you can extend this effective range if you follow these tips.

  • Always try to keep your airsoft gun clean and well-maintained. A dirty and clumsy gun will have reduced range and accuracy.
  • Try to use good quality ammunition. Heavier BBs will have more accuracy and range.
  • Using handles or grips can increase your accuracy and effective range by a good margin.
  • Upgrading to stronger springs, non-ported cylinders, and tighter bore barrels will add more feet to the range. Airsoft professionals do this all the time. 

Hopefully, you will find these tips useful and effective in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Use a BB Gun For Self-Defense?

Yes, as long as you are 18 years and older. BB guns are not regarded as firearms by Federal law. Hence, it can be used as a medium of self-defense. After all, you don’t need to hit someone lethally to defend yourself. BB ammunition is non-lethal.

How Painful is a BB Gun?

Most people think that getting hit with an airsoft BB is less painful. At least less painful than getting hit with a paintball. This is because paintballs are much heavier and usually have a lot more power. BB guns are non-lethal guns and will not do severe physical damage to your body. 

How Fast is a BB Gun?

BB can be as fast as 550 feet per second. However, this depends on a lot of factors such as weather, BB quality, gun quality, etc. A typical BB gun’s speed is around 200-300 FPS. Pellet guns are way faster than BB guns. They can go up to 1000 FPS.


That will be all on how far can a BB gun shoot. Hopefully, you have got your answer in detail.

Here is a tip, do not forget to clean and properly maintain your BB guns. This will ensure good range and accuracy.

Have a great day ahead.

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