Hatsan Model 95 vs Diana RWS 34 – Which is Better?

Did you know blowpipes are considered predecessors of airguns? They both implement a force of air to shoot a projectile. 

But blowpipes are so out of fashion now. So, you must be looking to purchase a good airgun instead.

And here lies the question, Hatsan 95 vs RWS 34, which is a better rifle?

Hatsan 95 has a higher range of calibers to choose from and is easier to maintain. On the other hand, RWS 34 is more accurate as well as durable. However, it might not weigh heavy in the favor of one and lightly for the other. But we’ll leave that for you to decide!

Now, if you’re as fascinated with air rifles as we are, you probably can’t figure out which one to get. Don’t worry though, we have a detailed comparison laid out to help you pick. 

A Quick Comparison

Firstly, we’ve prepared a little chart for you to sum things up. Let’s take a look at the features real quick!

FeaturesHatsan 95RWS 34
Average Weight8.4 lbs7.55 lbs
Overall length44.5“45“
Barrel Length15.9”19.5”
CaliberAvailable in 3 calibersAvailable in 2 calibers
AccuracySlightly less than RWS 34Better than Hatsan 95
Parts AvailabilityNot easily availableEasier to find
MaintenanceEasier to maintainRegular maintenance required
Gun AccessoriesComes with a rifle scopeDoesn’t come with a rifle scope

Hatsan 95 vs RWS 34 – In-Depth Comparison

In terms of specifications, both airguns might seem quite similar at the first glance. But they do have some diverging points and those might make all the difference for you! So let’s get into those right away!! 

Caliber and Power

Let’s start with the caliber. Hatsan Model 95 is available in 3 different calibers, being 177, .22, and .25 calibers. But the Diana RWS 34 on the other hand, is only available in .177 and .22 calibers. 

Different calibers mean different muzzle velocities. So, for .177, .22 & .25 you get approximately 1000 fps, 800 fps and 650 fps consecutively. 

So with the Hatsan 95 calibers, you have more options to choose from. With the RWS 34, you have only 2. 

Why is this important? Because the power of your airgun will depend on which caliber rifle you choose.

Winner: Hatsan 95, given you have more calibers to choose from. This means you can buy accordingly based on the power you prefer for your rifle. 

Weight & Handling

When it comes to the average weight, Hatsan 95 is kind of heavier compared to RWS 34. That is, even after putting aside the scope in the Hatsan 95. 

This makes the Hatsan 95 a little harder to handle. Especially since extra force is required. This in turn makes it difficult to cock the trigger. So if you’re wondering why your break barrel air rifle is not cocking, this is probably why. Since the RWS 34 is lighter, it is somewhat easier to carry. 

Both rifles have a two-stage trigger system which might seem a little tricky at first. But a two-stage trigger system is superior to one stage

However, with usage, the cocking ease improves over time. And the same applies to the handling.

Winner: RWS 34, given that it’s lighter and comparatively easier to handle.  


You could certainly take the Hatsan 95 for hunting. It has great accuracy and is consistent throughout. However, in contrast to the RWS 34 accuracy, the Hatsan 95 certainly falls short.

For instance, let’s say you got the .177 caliber of both rifles. You’ll notice that the RWS 34 fps is 75-100 fps slower than the Hatsan 95. But the accuracy of RWS 34 is much better. So, what would you pick?

One additional thing to know is, that the Hatsan 95 comes with a rifle scope as a gun accessory. However, you’ll have to purchase a rifle scope separately for the RWS 34. Riflescopes definitely help add up to the accuracy aspect of a rifle. 

Here is a list of some of the best scopes for RWS Diana 34 that you could consider:

  • NcStar Compact Air Rifle Scope : This rifle scope is the best at its price with a multi-coated lens and plex reticle. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, you should look into this one!
  • CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope : If you’re looking for something priced mid-range, this is one of the better rifle scopes. It has an adjustable objective and is easy to mount as well!
  • Vortex Optics Crossfire II Riflescopes: This one falls into one of the more high-end products, but the performance will speak for that. It has a long eye-relief, a quick focus eyepiece and so much more! So, if you have the budget, get this one for sure.

Winner: RWS 34, since it has better accuracy compared to Hatsan 95. 


For the Hatsan 95, you’ll hardly need to put too much effort into the maintenance. All you need to do is know how to oil your airgun every 250 shots. And every 500 shots clean the barrel with a cleaning rod. That should be enough to make it feel as good as new. 

These are our favorites when it comes to gun oils:

On the other hand, the RWS 34 gets a little difficult in this aspect. The trigger guard screws are the main issue here. Those tend to get loose after every few 100 shots. 

So imagine you’re out on an expedition and end up facing a nuisance to tighten a few screws. However, if you disregard this portion, it’s actually not half as hard to maintain.

Winner: Hatsan 95, as it is much easier to maintain than RWS 34. 

Parts Availability

This is actually one of the Hatsan air rifle problems. It’s very hard to find separate parts for this rifle. So, if any parts need replacements, you’ll have to customize them with similar-looking ones from other brands. 

But for the RWS 34, you should easily be able to find the necessary spare parts for replacement. Simply contact the company of your rifle, and you should find what you’re looking for! 

Winner: RWS 34, because it has readily available parts.


These must be important criteria to consider before you decide on your rifle. So, which of the two is more durable?

Let’s start with the quality of the build. Because investing hundreds on a gun isn’t worth it if it stops working in a few months. 

The Hatsan 95 is a very well-built airgun. First, it has a gold-plated trigger. Then, it has a stock made out of Turkish walnut. Plus, the barrel is made out of German steel. Sheesh!

So the Hatsan 95 is definitely a rifle with high longevity. But what about the RWS 34?

Well, you are in luck! The RWS 34 actually comes with a lifetime warranty. So durability is not an issue here. If you have any parts of it that got broken or worn out over time, you can simply have the company replace them for you. 

Winner: RWS 34. Well, who wouldn’t want a lifetime warranty?

Which One to Get? 

Now it’s time to face the real question. Which one should you get? 

Let’s bring up your budget first. So, how is the range difference when we think about Hatsan 95 vs RWS 34 price? Hatsan 95 is comparatively more budget-friendly while RWS 34 is a little more high-end. 

If you have a lower budget, the Hatsan 95 is a gun you can totally go for. It’s considered one of the best Hatsan air rifles. No surprise though, given how it comes with such great build and commendable accuracy. Most people were surprised to know that they can get something this good for a price so low!

On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending a little more, then why not get the RWS 34? It is equally well-built, plus you’ll get a lifetime warranty! Just don’t forget the regular maintenance and you’re good to go! 

Despite the pros and cons, both guns seem to be pretty capable rifles. So if you can afford it, why not just go for both?!


What is the most powerful Hatsan air rifle?

The most powerful Hatsan air rifle is actually a PCP rifle, called the PileDriver. This rifle has a caliber of .50 so it certainly has a very high fps. Plus, it’s considered to be very efficient in high-powered hunting applications.

Is it okay to disassemble Diana RWS 34?

Yes, it is okay to disassemble Diana RWS 34. There may be sharp edges inside and it could be pretty dry. But after some cleaning and lubing up, it might even start working better than before!


Was this extensive comparison of Hatsan 95 vs RWS 34 helpful for you? We hope it at least answered some of your questions and got rid of some of the confusion.

Always figure out your needs first and then make a decision regarding which rifle you should get. 

Remember to be safe, and have a happy shooting!

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