Hatsan 135 Problems: Solutions for Every Problem!

Hatsan 135 is the world’s first .30 caliber break-barrel airgun. It has been considered a great gun by many users. But we’ve found some issues with this gun. 

So, what are these Hatsan 135 problems?

Well, these problems can be both regarded as pre-purchase and post-purchase problems. First of all, the pre-purchase problem can be the weight of the gun. Difficulty in cocking and trigger pulling is also pre-purchase issues. The size of the barrel can also be a problem. You can also face some problems after purchasing. These include connecting/mounting hardware issues, accuracy, cocking, or firing.

Still, worried? No worries! We’ve discussed each type of problem. We’ve also added the solutions for each problem. 

So, get started! 

What Are the Problems of Hatsan 135?

Hatsan 135 is a single shot, break barrel air rifle. It has beautiful Turkish walnut stock with adjustable cheek rest. Most of the users who have given a review of Hatsan 135 have a positive point of view. 

Hatsan 135 comes in four different categories of .177, .22, .25 and .30 cal. Most of the users are really impressed by the accuracy of this gun. 

But there are two types of problems that cause some concern about this gun. Umarex origin gun issues are also similar to these two types. The two types of problems are-

  • Problems you should know before buying the Hatsan 135.
  • Problems you can face after using the gun for a while. 

So, let’s now get to know the problems in detail. 

5 Problems You Should Consider before Buying a Hatsan 135

There are mainly 4 to 5 types of problems that can demotivate you to buy a Hatsan 135. So, it’s better to know about them beforehand. But there’s a downside, there’s no solution for these issues. 

Anyway, let’s discuss them-

Weight of This Gun Can be a Real Problem for Beginners

The gun weighs 9.1 lbs. This can be considered a pretty heavy air rifle for beginners. It will also be problematic to carry. 

In most cases, beginners feel comfortable with light guns. Because those are easy to hold and they can use them with more control. Moreover, using a heavy gun can cause harm to the user. 

Thus, this is considered one of the problems of Hatsan 135.

Cocking Is Energy-Consuming

This is the most common complaint of Hatsan 135. Because it takes 55 pounds of pressure to cock the gun. This is an issue for both beginner and regular rifle users. 

They find it difficult to cock a Hatsan 135. It is even said that it takes all the energy of a human body to cock a Hatsan 135. 

So yeah that’s why we’ve added this as an issue too.

Length Can Be A Problem to Load in Bush

The length of any gun is an important factor. This factor is also considered while picking on between walther terrus and rws 34.

Now, the length of Hatsan 135 is 1200 mm and the barrel length is 450 mm. Thus, this can be considered as a large gun. As the gun is designed this way, hunting with it can be a bit problematic. 

For example, the user won’t be able to use it from the bush. Because it’ll be tough to load smoothly in the bush as it’s a long gun.

Hard Trigger Pull 

Now, Hatsan 135 needs 6-7 lbs of pressure to pull the trigger. It is considered to be double what it should be. 

And the main problem is it’s hard to hold on to the target. This can affect the accuracy. So, yup this is a serious issue the gun has.

These are the issues you’ll have to consider right before you buy the gun!

4 Problems You Can Face after Using Hatsan 135 for A While:

Hatsan 135 is one of the best air rifles in the $300 range. It has a good overall rating of 4.4 out of 5. But it has its cons as well. 

There is a very common search all over the internet “Help! My airgun is not working”. But no worries, we are here to find all the reasons and solutions for you. 

If your Hatsan 135 isn’t working properly there can be several reasons behind it.

Problem 1: Connecting/Mounting Hardware Problem! 

After using it for a while most guns face connecting/mounting hardware problems. Because the pressure of firing may cause this.  

Solution: Check Stock Bolts

You need to check your stock bolts before and after using your airgun. Because one plunger-driven generates a lot of power and recoil that can damage stock bolts

And if you don’t give attention to it, then the whole gun can be damaged. Let’s find out about the bolts we are concerned about.

  • The front stock bolt is found at the fore-end of the stock. It is mounted horizontally with a locking screw. 
  • The rear stock bolt is found at the back of the trigger guard. 

So, you should definitely keep this in mind. Otherwise, you won’t get a smooth and accurate shooting.

Problem 2: Shots are not accurate!

Hatsan 135 is very popular for accurate shooting. Then again if you are getting inaccurate shots, you should fix some issues.  

Solution 1: Use a Perfect Pallet

You need to check on the pallets you are shooting. Because you must maintain quality full and precise ammo to achieve perfect shooting. Size, shape, and weight consistency are very important for consistent shooting.

Solution 2: Don’t Use Damaged Pallets 

Need to be sure about whether the pallets are damaged or not. Because pallets with damaged skirts will fly no matter how good the quality is.

Solution 3: Use Perfect Breach Seal

You need to check your breech seal. A damaged or missing breech seal can be a cause of inaccuracy. So, if it’s damaged you need to change it immediately. 

Solution 4: Adjust Your Scope Perfectly. 

You should be concerned about the scope you are using. The scope should be properly adjusted with the gun. No need to use a scope for short-range shooting because it can affect the accuracy. You should use the perfect scope for your gun.

Sometimes it can happen that the scope mount you are using may have some problems. It can also happen with gamo scope mount

Problem 3: Gun Does Not Cock! 

Imagine you used your hatsan 135 yesterday perfectly. But when you are just about to shoot today it’s not cocking properly. Tell me what can be more annoying than this?

Solution 1: Fix Trigger Adjustment

You should check your trigger adjustment and fix it if it’s not ok. Because an out-of-adjustment trigger can prevent the sear from catching.

Solution 2: Use Perfect Scope Screw

If you are using a scope then the scope stops screw without the metal stop palate can cause this problem. Also, long screws can interfere with the plunger inside and prevent cocking. So use proper screws to have smooth cocking.

Problem 4: The Gun Is Not Firing!

Let me ask you something. What can be the most concerning moment for a shooter? Yes, it is when his/her gun is not firing properly.  

Solution 1: Adjust The Trigger Properly 

Your trigger should be properly adjusted. Because an out-of-adjustment trigger can prevent the sear from realizing.

Solution 2: Adjust Previous Changes 

You should undo all the adjustments/changes safely. Didn’t get it?

Well, you might have made changes priorly. In this case, remove the pallet from the barrel with a cleaning rod if it’s necessary.

Solution 3: Check The Automatic Safety 

This is another solution. When you’re facing this certain problem, make sure the automatic safety is working properly.

Reason 5: The Gun Is Loud or There’s Smoke After Firing!

Hatsan 135 is popular for its silent shooting. Then again if your Hatsan makes noise or you see smoke, it may be a concern.  

Solution 1: Check Lubricant

The gun can release smoke after around 200 shots. So, you need to check the lubricant if it gets dry or not. 

If it’s dry already then you should put lubricant in the gun But remember you shouldn’t put lubricant into the compression chamber. 

Solution 2: Check The Breach Seal

Your breech seal may get damaged. So check it and change it if it’s needed. 

By the way, you can face some of these problems with your fx streamline too. But the good news is all the solutions are pretty much the same. 

2 Tips to Maintain A Hatsan 135 Properly

Now, just fixing your problem isn’t enough. You’ve to take care of your gun afterward. So, here are a few tips on how to do that-

Clean The Gun Regularly

The best way to keep your gun fit is to clean it regularly and properly. It will give you a smooth firing experience every time.

Check Parts Before Firing 

We already know what kind of problems damage parts can create. For perfect and accurate shooting check the parts before shooting. And change it if it’s necessary.  

These two tips will definitely help you! Also, make sure to follow somes rules regarding hunting with airguns while using hatsan for hunting. 


Is Hatsan 135 Worth It?

There are some flaws that can be problematic for beginners. Like the weight of the gun or hard to cock. But undoubtedly the best you can get is in the $300 range. Because it is super powerful and accurate. 

Can You Mod a Hatsan 135?

Yes, you can do various mods in Hatsan 135. Starting from adding scope to paint the gun it won’t create any problem in the shooting. But we are totally sure that you’ll just fall in love with the gun the way it is. 

Where Are Hatsan Guns Made?

The factory of hatsan is located in Izmir, Turkey. They maintain in-house production for their quality control. 


So, guys, we tried our best to solve your Hatsan 135 problems that you can generally face. We think this article will help you to resolve the problems on your own.

If you face any other problems let us know, so that we can fix those for you.

Till then stay safe during the shooting.

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