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Gamo Whisper Fusion Elite vs Pro: Which One to Choose?

Gamo Air Rifles are perhaps the best budget air rifles out there. Do you want something light, accurate, quiet, and easy to cock? Gamo is where you should go.

Now, the Gamo Whisper Fusion series has two air rifles for recreation and pest control. One is Whisper Fusion Elite and Whisper Fusion Pro. 

It’s okay if you’re confused about choosing between Gamo whisper fusion elite vs pro. 

Between Gamo whisper fusion elite vs pro, I’ve found whisper fusion elite is better than pro. Firstly, elite .177 has higher fps than pro. The cocking effort is also 9lbs less than pro. Moreover, the elite’s weight and recoil absorption are lower than pro. However, fusion pro is better for accuracy

I dive into more details in the later part of this article. Keep on reading to see what fits you better. 

Whisper Fusion Elite vs Pro: Quick Comparison of Features

Something you should do before heading down to the next section. Currently, Gamo has discontinued the manufacture of both models. If you’re looking to purchase, they’re up for sale on other platforms. 

If you compare two equal brands like crosman vs gamo, Gamohas impressive air rifles. So much as they stand up head-to-head on every measurement of what a good rifle is.

You are the one with the deciding power to choose what aspects are suited for you. So here’s a quick comparison table. Go through the table and see which rifle meets your requirement.

FeatureGamo Whisper Fusion EliteGamo Whisper Fusion EliteGamo Whisper Fusion Pro
Velocity975  Feet Per Second (FPS) with Alloy Pellets1300 Feet Per Second (FPS) with Alloy Pellets1000 Feet Per Second (FPS) with Alloy Steel Pellets
NoiseWhisper Fusion Sound DampeningWhisper Fusion Sound DampeningWhisper Fusion Sound Dampening
Cocking & Cocking EffortSingle, 32lbs Single, 32lbsSingle, 41lbs
Recoil AbsorptionAlmost 100%Almost 100%74%
Weight6.616.618 lbs.

Now that you know the numbers, let’s get down to the details. 

Detailed Comparison Between Elite vs Pro 

You noticed there are two types of caliber for Elite. The elite .177 is actually a factory refurbished. The two differentiating factors are the increased velocity and caliber. The rest of the factors are pretty much the same.

Moving on to the detailed analysis – 


The fusion elite .22 has a velocity of 975 feet per second. Which is subpar for .22 caliber rifle. On the other hand, fusion pro has a velocity of 1000 feet per second. 

Both the Gamo Whisper Fusion Elite and Pro have an IGT power source. Which gives the rifles an advantage on velocity. With proper pellets, you can even exceed the velocity mentioned here.

As the velocity increases, so does the power of a pellet. In which case, if you’re looking for pellets with more power. Go for the factory refurbished Whisper Fusion Pro .177 

However, you can increase the velocity using the right pellets. Some of the best compatible pellets for Gamo Whisper are given below.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Elite
Source: Amazon


As I have mentioned in the table, both the whisper fusion elite and pro have .22 caliber. These calibers can fire faster velocity pellets. 

For airgun rifles, .22 is just perfect for whether you are doing pest control, and recreation. It’s also good for hunting small animals like birds and rabbits.

In short, both the rifles are on par in respect of caliber. 


The main selling point of the Gamo Whisper Fusion series is their whisper fusion technology. 

Both the models have double integrated sound dampening technology. The pellets go through two separate chambers. The chambers suppress and compress the noise. As a result, the noise is prevented from expanding meaning the sound is reduced. The reduction rate is up to 89%.

When tested, the elite and pro rifles made a noise of 100db. Which is negligible noise in the woods during hunting. If you have to look out for neighbors, the sound is audible, and not annoying whatsoever. 

In terms of noise, both the Gamo whisper fusion elite and Pro are great.

Cocking and Cocking Effort

Both Elite and Pro airgun rifles have a break barrel cocking system. This means you’ll have to break open the barrel to load the pellets. 

The difference between the two models is in cocking effort. The cocking effort of whisper fusion elite is 32 lbs. On the other hand, whisper fusion pro requires 41lbs. 

The pro rifle requires more cocking effort than the elite rifle. And one of the deciding factors for choosing an airgun rifle is low cocking effort. 

In case of cocking effort, Gamo whisper fusion elite takes the win.

whisper fusion elite is 32 lbs
Source: American Rifleman

Recoil Absorption

Recoil absorption is a very important deciding factor of a good airgun rifle. 

The Gamo whisper fusion elite boasts a recoil absorption rate of nearly 100%. The elite model has a recoil pad made of rubber. The RRR technology absorbs all of the recoils when the pellet leaves the barrel. 

The Gamo whisper fusion pro has a recoil absorption rate of 74%. The Shock Wave Absorber (SWA) technology lowers the felt recoil. 

The Elite model came out later than the pro model. Which is why the elite model has a higher recoil absorption rate. 

In terms of recoil absorption rate, the Gamo whisper fusion elite is better. 


The total weight of the Gamo Whisper Fusion Elite is 6.61 lbs. On the other hand, the Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro weighs about 8 lbs. 

Clearly, the Pro model is the heavier rifle. If you’re planning to go hunting while on the run, a heavy gun will be inconvenient. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight airgun rifle from Gamo, Whisper Fusion Elite is the choice. 


The Gamo whisper fusion elite cost about 230 bucks on the site. But the model has been discontinued. So you’ll find the rifle at various prices depending on the condition. 

The whisper fusion pro costs the same as the elite, 230 bucks. This model is also discontinued from Gamo. So the price of whisper fusion pro will also vary. 

However, up until this point I have discussed every deciding factor of the two models. 

Judging from that, The whisper fusion elite is the winner. It gives you all the better things at the same price as the pro airgun rifle.

Gamo Whisper Fusion pro
Source: On Target Magazine

So, Which Is Better Gamo Whisper Fusion Elite or Pro?

It’s time for the final verdict as you’ve gone through all the factors of the rifles.

Overall, there are not many differences between the two airgun rifles. So it really boils down to what you want. 

Say you’re looking to do pest control and light target practice in your backyard. The Whisper Fusion elite can serve your purpose with low fps. It’s lightweight, and easy to cock.

And if you’re looking to hunt small animals.Whisper fusion pro airgun rifles can kill groundhogs, birds, and rabbits. Here’s someone who used Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro for hunting.

Choose the rifle that goes with your hunting style. Neither of the guns will dissapoint you for surely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Store My Gamo Airgun Rifle Loaded?

No. Never keep an airgun rifle loaded in storage. The airgun is not a toy. Make sure there are no pellets in the chamber before putting your airgun away after usage. Airguns should be kept in a secure location to prevent unauthorized use. Otherwise, the loaded gun could fall into dangerous hands. 

If I Take My Gamo Rifle Apart Will It Still Is Under Warranty?

Never disassemble your rifle, please. It can be harmful and violate your warranty. Please note that according to the user’s guide, “This warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, unauthorized repair, or modification of any type.” Gamo won’t help you if you dismantle the gun by yourself.

Is Gamo Whisper Fusion Quiet?

The Whisper Fusion is also included with the Gamo air gun. Gamo’s patent for the quietest noise reduction technology. The pellet is compressed and noise expansion is prevented by passing through two separate chambers. The Whisper Fusion and IGT work together to provide quiet, precise weapons.

End Note

That concludes everything about the Gamo whisper fusion elite vs pro. Now it’s up to you for taking the final decision. 

Which rifle sounds more fitting for you? Share with the community.

Good Luck

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