Gamo Scope Mounting Problems

Gamo Scope Mount Problems: 5 Common Issues

You might be looking for a beginner-friendly air rifle for your game hunting. If so, begin with the gamo air rifle might be the right one for you.

But here’s a catch! While mounting the scope of gamo, people often face issues that they can not resolve. Hence, we have decided to be the bigger person and help everyone out through this article.

So what are the gamo scope mount problems?

Gamo scope problems usually happen when the scope and the mount are not set and installed properly. It causes the scope to move on the rail, and mounts do not fit correctly. But these can be fixed with caution and attention to details.

We have come up with feasible solutions on how to avoid these issues in the following segments. 

Without further ado let’s get started-

The Most Common Gamo Scope Mount Problems and Their Solutions

Gamo scope adjustment seems to be the most common problem along with the other problems. The scope needs to be mounted very carefully to avoid any difficulties. Some of the Gamo scope mount problems coincide with the problems of hatsan 135

Well, now let’s look into the more in-depth problems which cannot just be fixed with a quick hack. Here along with the problems, you can also check out the solutions about how to fix them.

Problem 1: The Scope Moves on the Rail

Gamo air rifle has a specific feature called reverse recoil. It actually causes the scope to move on the rail. It basically happens when the scope is not installed properly


The Gamo air rifle comes with two rings among which one has a stop pin. That stop pin has to be tightened properly in the stop pin hole which will lock the mount in place. 

For this reason, the scope is not able to move on the rail. Installing the scope properly is the first requirement before you can use the gun.

You can also check out scope covers to avoid wrong placements.

These are some of the top-notch scove covers in the markey-

Problem 2: The Scope Is Not Aligned Right

One of the most common problems that you can face with the scope is misalignment. 

Basically, there are two reasons which cause these problems. 

When the vertical reticle cannot maintain its exact position of staying vertical. Rather it gets a bit slant At close distances, the scope is able to shoot only a single direction.

At far distances, the pellet wanders to the other side of the vertical reticle and continues to diverge as the distance increases.


The scope needs to be aligned right specifically and individually for far and close distances. The scope shoots with different projectiles and speeds in respective changes. So the scope should be set and aligned each time while shooting for different distances. 

Gamo scope mount rings are a very useful tool to align the scope correctly. 

Modkin 1 inch has some of the best mount rings out there.

Problem 3: Aligning the Crosshairs While Mounting the Scope

Everyone has their own individual eyesight and this can cause a lot of problems. Alignment is the key element that sets the perfect position of the scope with a gun. The less precise you are with your alignment the more difficulties you will face while mounting the scope.

Solution :

Patience and consistency is the key to mounting the scope in the right direction. The closer you are to the target the more clicks you need to move to see the change in the point of impact. 

Problem 4: Sideways Straying of the Pellet

Mounting a scope means you turn it so the vertical crosshair bisects the gun’s receiver. You will face difficulties shifting the pellet if the vertical crosshair is not in line with the gun’s receiver.

It indicates that the alignment is poorly placed and the pellet is straying sideways.

Solution :

The problem cannot be solved mechanically, but with patience and understanding, you’ll find a way to solve it. Scope collimator is an extremely popular choice used by shooters that supports the perfect alignment of scope mounting. Here are some of our top picks for scope collimators-

Problem 5: Scope Not Optically Centered

When you sight at the scope, it is not centered optically. Now you have to use your own internal calculations to fix the position. 

But here cheap mounts will make it hard to carry out the internal corrections.

Solution :

Everyone has different eyesight and power. Therefore, everyone should mount their own scope from their perspective by themselves to avoid any error. 

Use B-Square AA adjustable scope mounts and rings to mount the scope on the rifle. 

In order to understand scopes better, looking into AOEG scopes can be of great help.

Still, Facing Issues?

If you are still having issues then you can do the following:

  •  Disassemble everything and reassemble again from the start
  • Contact them directly about your issues or you can always get a new one

Gamo Tech Tips

Here are some tips that will help you in the long run to avoid any problems with Gamo scope mounts-

  • Make sure to read the adjustment turrets.
  • Only adjust 1 direction at a time. You may want to take more than one shot to verify the change in your point of impact.
  • Researching extensively, we have found the best scope for Gamo whisper – Trinity Hunter Sight 4X32 Scope.
  • For any difficulties, you can always contact them directly.
  • Be patient, start close, get consistent then move out.


Can BBs be used in Gamo air rifles?

No, BBs cannot be used in Gamo air rifles. They are particularly designed in a way that is only acceptable to pellets

Can you dry-fire the Gamo air rifle?

No, Gamo spring-piston air rifles cannot be dry-fired. Gamo engineers have increased the strength and durability of the power plant. The system will be highly damaged if it is dry-fired.

Can Gamo air rifles be cleaned with gun solvents?

NO! You cannot use gun solvents to clean your Gamo air rifle. The solvents can react with the seals and ruin them. Make sure to use the oils that are only specified for air rifles.


That’s all on gamo scope mount problems. We’ve got you covered with possible problems and solutions you can face while mounting the gamo scope. . Additionally, we are going to share a secret tip with you that will prove useful –

Adjust in the direction you want to move the point of impact

Good luck with your Gamo and don’t give up.

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