FX Streamline Problems – Find Your Solutions Here!

If you have an interest in air rifles, you probably know about the FX Streamline. It is definitely one of the higher-quality PCP rifles. But even the best of us struggle sometimes. 

So what are the fx streamline problems that you have been facing? 

The first and main problem you may come across with FX streamline is its trigger problem. Various reasons can cause the trigger of your streamline to not work properly. One more problem that you may run into is faulty magazines. 

Well, we think we might have a solution for you! Just look through the article to find out more.

Possible Problems in an FX Streamline

Fx Streamline is a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) rifle. Long story short, it gets filled with air before being fired. But you already know the FX Streamline specs, probably having invested in this rifle. So you’d want to be able to use the fps limit in airsoft to its full potential.

Yes, there are often complaints regarding the FX Streamline PCP air rifle. And there are FX Streamline review videos that talk about some of these issues. But we have those problems presented with the respective solutions in this article, exclusively for you!

Problem 1: The FX Streamline Trigger Problem.

First, let’s have a look at the FX Streamline trigger problems. After shooting the first pellet, the second pellet seems to have gotten cocked up in the breach. And now the trigger won’t fire. 

Trying to cock the gun several times doesn’t help either, nor squeezing the trigger. The gun acts like the safety is on, even though it’s actually not. So, be very very careful with it.

Reason 1

The Fx trigger parts are tiny which is probably the main issue here. Some of them also may require readjustments.


First, remove the rifle’s action from the stock. Then, look for the three set screws close to the trigger.  

The screw which is right next to and in front of the trigger isn’t mentioned in the Fx streamline manual. That’s the one that probably requires adjustment. So a simple FX Streamline trigger adjustment should solve this issue. 

However, if it’s not that one, then it must be the most rear set screw. 

You need to be very careful with this next step. There are some small pins that hold the grouping together. They tend to easily slide out, so they could get lost.

They should be visible on either side of the breech block. So after removing the action, put some scotch tape over them very carefully to avoid losing them.

Then put the action back onto the stock. Hopefully, they are better adjusted now. 

If you end up losing any of the pins though, the gun will be completely useless until you can get new pins. 

Reason 2

During some sort of adjustment, the trigger may have contacted the bottom of the guard. If this is the case, then the trigger won’t fire as well.


Simply loosening the stock screws should take care of this issue. This way, more clearance is allowed for the trigger to move back when cocking. 

You can easily loosen the screws using screwdrivers. Here are our top picks for screwdrivers:

Make sure to also reposition the trigger shoe in a different way. That way you can prevent the trigger from hitting the trigger guard again. And you should be good to go!

Reason 3

If the adjustments don’t get you anywhere, just put everything back the way it was first.

And if it’s not an adjustment issue, there must be something wrong with the sear. The sear metal is very thin so it might require some touching up.


Locate the part of the rifle where the sear grabs the hammer. Get some sandpaper and polish that area of the sear.

Here are some sandpapers that we cannot stop raving about:

Your issue should now be resolved. And the trigger should shoot just fine.

Reason 4

Cocking doesn’t allow the bolt to move forward or go back. This caused the magazine and pellet to get stuck in it.

This is another issue with the sear, which probably got caught at the side of the housing.


First, carefully pull the sear out. It should feel pretty rough. Next, sand the whole sear till it no longer feels rough and put it back in.

The trigger should work now, and might even be smoother than before. 

Problem 2: The FX Streamline Magazine Problem

There are often complaints regarding the FX Streamline magazine issues as well. Usually there’s something wrong with the magazines and fliers seem to be shot out. 

Reason 1

This may be a small issue we ignore, but hey it’s still an issue. The gun barrel may have gotten dirty. That is usually when a rifle loses its accuracy. And a good way to identify this is when you start noticing the fliers.


An FX Streamline barrel change might work wonders for this issue. But there’s actually a simpler way to resolve it. All you need to do is clean the airgun barrel with a cleaning rod. This might be taxing, but you will have to do this after every 100 shots.  

That should decrease any noticeable fliers and solve your issue.

Reason 2

Something probably got caught up around the moderators or on them. It might just be a piece of the patch.


First, remove all three sections of the moderators. You should find a thread around the moderators in the area where it is attached to the shroud.

Make sure you take off the sections that add on. That way, the section attached to the shroud gets visible. So now you won’t need to remove it in order to clean it. 

Usually, while cleaning the barrel, most people remove the shroud with the moderators on. So, the thread wouldn’t be visible and you won’t spot it waving in the bore. 

After cleaning, your rifle should be working fine. No more fliers and no more scattering!

What if it’s Not Possible to Repair it by Yourself?

Given its accuracy, you can definitely take out your FX Streamline for hunting. But despite so many commendable features, you might still face issues. And most of the time, you can brainstorm the solution to these problems. However, there may be some issues you’ll face which aren’t self-repairable. 

Still Unable to Cock the Gun

Your pellet is fine in the magazine and the charge is fine too, but you still can’t cock the gun. Plus, none of the solutions mentioned above are helping. 

Well, your problem may not be repairable by yourself after all. It’s time to get a replacement!

Tips to Maintain Your FX Streamline

Maintaining FX Streamline should be pretty easy if you follow these few simple tips! So let’s go over them real quick!!

Besides cleaning your barrel, if you can follow these tips, your FX Streamline should be shooting smoothly.


Is the FX Streamline worth buying?

Given its price point, the FX Streamline is certainly worth buying and it has a good dollar value as well. And if you’re looking for a lightweight yet accurate shooter, this is the rifle you want to get.

Who are the distributors of the FX airguns?

The main distributor of the FX airguns, including the streamline, is the FX Airguns brand itself. You can find the rifles on their official website or Facebook page. You can also purchase additional accessories for your gun from there!


Now, that’s all the solutions we had for your FX Streamline problems. So, were you able to solve the ones you were facing? Always handle your guns with ease to avoid complicated problems.

Thanks for staying with us right till the end!

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