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FX Royale 500 Accuracy: How Precise is That?

FX airguns always come first for their accuracy and precision. Especially the FXRoyale 500 gained a lot of fame.

Still, you would definitely like to know about the accuracy. If you are up for using a new FX Royale 500.

So, How Precise FX Royale 500 accuracy is?

FX Royale 500 has a strong accuracy. While shooting for a distance of 50 yards, you can get a center-to-center distance of the shots around half an inch. Whereas for 100 yards, it’s around an inch. With an easy lever cocking system, lightweight stock, and a long barrel, aiming becomes a piece of cake!

Now, to have a perfect grip over the accuracy of this gun, you will surely need more info.

And no need to worry a bit! Cause I brought this article with the information you will need.

Let’s move on!

How Much Accurate the FX Royale 500 Actually Is?

Accuracy and precision are two things that gun users always check.

The FX Royale 500 was made for ensuring the ultimate precision and accuracy in any situation. 

To put it simply, the airgun is super accurate.

Especially, in windy weather, where most of the airguns simply miss the targets. And yet, this FX Royale air rifle hits the target almost close to the bulls-eye. That too with ease!

Now you may wonder how that is possible.

The accuracy of FX Royale 500 can be figured out by checking the group shot accuracy. 

This is basically a measurement of the center-to-center distance of the shots fired. It is one of the major airgun accuracy tests.

In a 50-yard distance, the center-to-center distance of its shot is usually around 0.45 inches.

For 100 yards? Well, this center-to-center distance is about 1.22 inches.

With such precision and accuracy, the FX Royale 500 is undoubtedly living up to its promise! No other FX airguns have this much accuracy.

If you are looking for an air rifle to hunt groundhogs, this is it! Also, here’s someone who bought the FX Royale 500.

FX Royale 500 Accuracy: Behind the Scene

We have seen how accurate FX Royale actually is.

Now the FX Royale is not accurate for no reason.

Obviously, there are certain features that work behind FX airgun accuracy.

FX airgun accuracy is so well because of the lever system. You can accurately pull the trigger on time. Also, the balanced muzzle and twisted barrel. Due to the long muzzle, the bullets won’t get stuck inside. Furthermore, the lightweight FX Royale 500 is just the cherry on top of accuracy.

Hold on! There’s more to it! Let’s check them out, shall we?

Lever System

When it comes to the accuracy of airguns, a perfect lever system is a must.

Otherwise, there remains a high probability that you may miss the right shot.

The airgun FX Royale 500 comes off with a superb lever cocking system. The breech lever is very lightweight. 

Not only that. The lever system is very smooth as well! It barely gets jammed at all.

Now, how do all these contribute to accuracy?

Generally, the lever mechanism is important for timing. As well as precision. If the lever system is smooth, you can pull it quite smoothly. 

And in time. Thus, you will have to make some perfect timing for shooting.

Moreover, you can reload the gun quickly as well. After all, the lever cocking mechanism does not get jammed. So, you can fire consistently.

Plus, you have to fix the airgun. That can be an extra mess!

Guess what? Ultimately, you can maintain precise shooting.

There is another thing.

In many cases, even after the guns are out of ammo, the breach does not stay open. 

Therefore, you may pull the trigger and miss the shot. Thus you can lose your precision.

However, in FX Royale 500,  the breach, once fired, stays open.

Because of these, you will be able to know when you are out of ammo. And as a result, you will not miss your timing and can get an accurate shot.

airgun FX Royale 500
Source: Element Optics Pakistan

Balanced Muzzle and Twisted Barrel

The main purpose of the muzzle is to suppress the noise of the gun. However, the muzzle of the FX Royale is just a step ahead of its purpose.

Not only does the barrel reduce the noise of the shots fired. 

It also increases the accuracy of the shots.

Technically the FX Royale 500 comes with a long muzzle. Because of being long, it reduces the friction of the pellets. 

Thus, the pellets don’t lose their energy, ultimately leading to good accuracy.

Adding this, the FX Royale 500 comes with a twisted barrel. With the help of this barrel, the bullets can move in a more stable way. 

Thus, the chances of the bullets spreading out. Whether a 3-9 or 4-12 scope, you can still shoot with high accuracy.

Lightweight Stock

When it comes to aiming, the stock of the airgun plays an important role. Not only the stock helps in maintaining high accuracy. Also, you can fire for longer distances as well.

The stock of the FX Royale 500 is very light. Therefore, you can easily aim the gun without any discomfort.

Besides, along with the stock, there is usually a recoil controlling pad. With the help of this, the maneuver of the guns becomes very easy. 

With the help of this pad, you will face barely any recoil while firing. You can almost shoot in a straight line!

Another important thing is that you can shoot for longer ranges as well. As we have seen, the stock reduces the recoil. 

So, you can shoot the pellets with more pressure applied. Ultimately the recoil won’t be strong enough after all.

FX Royale 500
Source: Airgun Nation

Precise Trigger

Accuracy can vary depending on the trigger discipline. In this case, the FX Royale 500 has a great trigger to maintain perfect timing. Just a click and the bullets away!

The trigger of the FX Royale 500 is very precise and responsive. It has a perfect feather lock feature. 

As a result, you won’t face any trigger delay while shooting. 

Well, because of how extensive it is, the FX Royale 500 has such supreme accuracy. In fact, it is one of the top airguns for sport and competition.

How to Increase the Accuracy of FX Royale 500? 

Well, we have seen why the FX Royale 500 is so accurate. 

However, accuracy does not last long. Due to many issues, the accuracy of any gun can decrease. Even the FX Royale can also lose its so-called performance.

Thus, you must keep an eye out for certain things. If you want to get the best out of your FX Royale 500.

Always Clean the Gun

You have to clean your airgun. Frequently. It is one of the first and foremost rules of keeping a gun in perfect shape.

Dust can gather at your gun over time. And this dust can heavily reduce your gun’s accuracy. Especially, if dust gathers at the barrel of the gun, it can increase bullet drop. 

Moreover, if the clutch of the gun gets dirty, your gun can get jammed. And you might miss your shot!

So, keep the gun clean. Especially clean the linkages of the gun and the barrel of the gun. 

Also, lubricate the gun often. Thus, the performance of your gun won’t decrease at all.

Choose the Better Bullet Shells

Different air rifles work perfectly with different pellets. The dimensions and specifications of some bullets are just perfect to use with some specific gun.

The same can be said for the FX Royale 500. Any type of pellets can be shot with the perfect aim with the FX Royale 500. 

However, among these pellets, the JBS pellets are the best. Using these bullets with the FX Royale, you can shoot the bullets with maximum energy. Also, with maximum speed.

Besides, if you are not sure which shell is perfect, don’t worry. Some of the best bullet shells for FX Royale 500 are given below.

Before using the air gun, give it a test run. Check the performance of different pellets. Then compare them and choose the best pellets.

Keep the Gun Stable

No matter how precise aim your gun has, you can’t fully get the accuracy. If you use the gun improperly. 

Therefore, it’s better to keep the gun steady. Whenever you are using it. 

Especially while shooting, take a deep breath. Then stable your hands. Keep a firm grip over the gun. Then slowly shoot your target.

Plus, if possible, try to use the gun with support. For instance, you can stand on your knees. 

Or you can stand along an object as support. Thus you can hold back the recoil of the airgun. And get the maximum accuracy.

Well, you can keep these things in your mind. And then, neither you nor your air rifle will lose its precision!

aim precision
Source: FX Airguns

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There Any Way to Improve The Accuracy of My Airgun?

Yes. First of all, if you don’t have a scope, add one. Scopes can help you to pinpoint your target accurately. You should also use the pellets appropriately. Different pellets are good for different environments. You have to use them accordingly. Also, you should clean the barrel of your airgun.

Can I Hunt Animals Using FX Royale 500?

Yes. You can hunt wildlife with the FX Royale 500. It’s especially a perfect airgun to hunt squirrels. Not only that. You can also hunt many other small animals like squirrels. For instance, you can hunt woodchucks and rabbits. If you can use it accurately, you can even hunt down the prairie dogs!

My Airgun’s Trigger Got Jammed. Can I Fix It?

Yes, you can. The triggers work with the help of three screws. If these bolts get damaged, then the trigger will show problems. To fix the trigger, open up the stock. Then inspect the bolts that connect the trigger. Simply calibrate them. And the trigger will not get jammed.

Time to Leave

Our knowledge journey ends here, fellow reader. And congratulations! You know all about ‘FX Royale 500 accuracy.’

Still, you may have queries. For that, you can reach out to any hunters who use airguns. They can surely help you!

With this, I bid my farewell to you.

Happy hunting!

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