Daisy 880 vs 901: Which One Is Better?

Hey there, are you having trouble finding the right airgun?. And probably you’re debating between a Daisy 880 or a 901.

And we can’t blame you. Daisy offers an array of air guns and related products. Among the air rifles Daisy offers, Daisy 880 and 901 are on the top list.

But now, Which one is better Daisy 880 vs 901?

They are both pretty similar in specifications. But there are some differences. For example, daisy 880 weighs significantly more than 901. Plus they both function differently. Moreover, the materials of 901 do feel more expensive. But you can get 880 at a cheaper price. 

Well, now you have the basics. But to make a decision, I’m sure that you will need to know more. And to do so, you must keep reading.

Quick Comparison Between Daisy 880 and 901

First, let’s see how similar or different these guns are on paper. It’s good to look at the quick comparison. Just like you did in the Benjamin Cayden and Marauder comparison

Differentiating FeaturesDaisy 880Daisy 901
Dimensions37.6 Inches37.6 Inches
Weight4.75 pounds3.7 pounds
ActionMulti-Pump PneumaticMulti-Pump Pneumatic
Power PlantMulti-Pump PneumaticSpring
Velocity 800 feet per second (fps).800 feet per second (fps).
Range291 Yards291 Yards
Caliber.177 BB and Pellets.177 BB and Pellets
Stock Molded with Checkering and WoodgrainBlack composite
BarrelRifled SteelRifled Steel
Length of Pull13.5 in.14 in.
OpticsIron SightsFiber Optic
SightBlade and ramp front/Adjustable rearFiber Optic Front/Adjustable Open Rear
SafetyCrossbolt Trigger BlockCrossbolt Trigger Block

Daisy 880 vs 901: Detailed Difference

Well, the table above may make you think that these two guns are similar. And I will say that you are right. As far as specs are concerned, they are pretty similar. 

But here’s the catch:

They are two very different air rifles. Not in the paper, but consider these things beforehand. 

Wondering exactly how? Let’s find out.

Let’s Take A Look AT How Do They Work?

First, let’s discuss their function. Daisy 880 has a multi-pump pneumatic power plant. On the other hand, the powerplant of 901 is a spring-piston power plant. They function differently. Let me take you there.

Daisy 880

The power plant of Daisy 880 is multi-pump pneumatic. So, it has a reservoir. Along with that, this gun also has a lever. This lever pumps air into the reservoir. 

Now, if you want to fire the gun, you have to pump the lever first. It will fill the internal reservoir with compressed air. 

After that, you pull the trigger. It opens the reservoir. Then, the air escapes. This air shoots pellets such as Crosman Premier Lead Pellets with it.

Daisy 901

The 901, on the other hand, uses spring power plants. Unlike pneumatics, Daisy 901 has no storage compartment for air or gas. What it has is a powerful spring. These guns have pistons as well.

When you use the gun, you pull the trigger first. When you do that, the spring gets compressed. Then you release the trigger. 

Releasing the trigger pushes the piston forward. It quickly compresses the air. This high pressure drives the pellet out of the barrel.

How User Friendly Are They?

Now you have come to the most important part. If you do not feel comfortable using something, there is no point in buying that. 

We understand that user-friendliness varies from user to user. But there are some general characteristics of both guns. Let’s discuss this in detail now.

Dimensions & Weight

Both Daisy 880 and 910 have the same length- 37.6 Inches. But they are pretty different when it comes to their weight.

Daisy powerline 880’s weigh 4.75 pounds. On the other hand, Daisy powerline 901’s weighs 3.7 pounds. A daisy 901 weighs 1.05 pounds less than a daisy 880. 

It may not seem a lot. But let me put it into perspective. It is almost the weight of a Umarex XBG .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol. And that’s a lot.

This lighter weight makes handling a 901 much easier. It also makes them more portable. Overall, you will feel less fatigue using the 901. And it means that you will be able to use or carry it longer. 

Yes, straps like LANHE TACTICAL 2 Point Rifle Sling do help. But still, you need to take these things into consideration.

Line Of Power

Line of power is one of the primary determining factors if a gun “fits” the shooter. It is the distance from the trigger to the butt plate or recoil pad. In short, if LOP is higher, the user’s hands need to be longer.

Even though both guns are of the same length, the LOP is different. The LOP of the 880 is 13.5 inches. It is 0.5 inches shorter than 901’s 14 inches. Remember the measurements.


The optics of the 880 are iron sights. Iron sights are cheaper and lighter. They do not require batteries. Moreover, they do not get fogged up in cold water. 

Furthermore, they are pretty unaffected in water. They are also easy to clean.

The optics of the 901 is fiber optics. So, this gun offers a better range. You will also get better wind estimation. 

This is just easier to use. But they require batteries and are hard to clean.

Both guns have adjustable open rear sights. These sights cause a very low amount of blockage. But it can hinder precision. 


Again, the 880 is a multi-pump pneumatic airgun. It has one big drawback when it comes to usability.  When you use the gun, you need to pump the gun up after each shot. And it gets annoying. 

Not to mention, it is time-consuming. It can result in you losing focus- a big problem if you are a hunter,

But the 901 does not have that problem. Again it has a spring-piston power plant. It gives the gun the advantage of not pumping the gun after each shot. 

So, you won’t have to go through the time-consuming process of the 880. Instead, it can produce the same power level shot after shot. 


We all that, shooting is a skill that we learn. But specific guns do help.

Pump-up guns are Some of the most accurate airguns. They provide a very consistent level of accuracy for target shooting. 

Moreover, there is almost no recoil.  Furthermore, accuracy is easier to obtain quickly. It makes the 880 a very accurate gun.

The Daisy 901 is even more accurate. Spring guns do have some recoiling and vibration issues. To deal with that, Daisy has fitted straw barrels in the gun. It stabilizes the barrel. So there is little to no recoiling and vibration. 

Both guns offer great grip. But you should get a pair of KEMIMOTO Tactical Gloves for better grip.

What About Quality?

You need to look at their material quality. Just as you did in the Benjamin Kratos vs Marauder comparison.

Daisy 880:

The base material of the 880 is plain old plastic. The stock of the gun is molded with checkering and woodgrain. The materials are common and inexpensive. 

But their quality is not bad. Along with that, the build quality is generally good as well. Overall, you will get a good quality gun when you buy an 880.

Daisy 901

On the other hand, that of the 901 is synthetic fiber material. This synthetic fiber is stronger. 

The stock is black composite. It makes the gun sturdier as well. The use of composite and fiber makes the gun lighter. Daisy 901 also feels more premium. 

Both guns will be long-lasting if you take care of them. You need to oil them properly. Just as we instructed you how to oil nitro guns properly.

Which One Looks Better?

Is this one subjective? Yes. But I will still give you my POV. 

With all its plastic and checkering and woodgrain, Daisy 880 looks very traditional. The design language is pretty old. 

On the other hand, Daisy 901 has a very chic look. The use of black composite and synthetic fiber gives it a futuristic look. 

I do prefer the more futuristic look of the 901. But after all, it depends on your personal choice. You can go for the 880 if you prefer the more traditional look.

Which One Do I Recommend

Well, it comes down to your personal preference. If you want a traditional-looking air gun, go for the 880. 

If you have a similar taste to mine, go for the minimal and futuristic 901. However, this one costs more though. 

But at the end of the day, both of these guns are good. So, I can guarantee you will be the winner buying either one of them. 


Can I use air guns for self-defense?

No, we do not think it is a good idea. You can use an air gun to bluff your way out. But you will not be able to deter someone who wants to hurt you. And the bluff won’t work if that person is knowledgeable about guns.

Can a co2 airgun penetrate human skin?

Human skin is far thinner than most animal skin. It is way softer as well.  Any pallet traveling at just 150 feet per second or more can puncture it.


I hope you have now decided to get that one air gun you like between Daisy 880 vs 901. Because our provided info should help you out!

Also, did you know, that both air guns offer a cross bolt trigger block as their safety option? This is a very good safety option. 

Thank you for reading this article. Let me know your thoughts in the comment.

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