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Benjamin Titan GP vs NP- Which Rifle You Should Pick?

Getting an air rifle with every possible key attribute is not an easy task! Maybe you fixed different rifle types to choose but couldn’t finalize, right? 

So, knowing the differences between Benjamin Titan GP vs NP is vital.

For starters, Benjamin Titan NP has got a better shooting range than Benjamin Titan GP. This nitro piston air rifle can extend the velocity capability up to 1200 FPS. Whereas the Benjamin Titan NP is capable of only 950 FPS. However, Benjamin Titan GP wins in terms of accurate scopes.

Hold on, we haven’t summed up yet! Too early to make a verdict.

Chop-chop! Let’s dive in with us to get everything!

Benjamin Titan GP vs NP: A Quick Glimpse

How can you differentiate between Benjamin Titan GP and NP? The main differences between them we will try to cover here.

With that objective in mind, let’s do a quick comparison.

Comparing FactorsBenjamin Titan GPBenjamin Titan NP
Shooting Capability950 FPS Velocity1200 FPS Velocity
Accurate ScopeMoreLess
Thumbhole StockAverageAmbidextrous and ergonomic

We have tried to give you a quicker overview till now about these two. Excited to know these all in the broader aspects? We have prepared the necessaries in the following section. There are also tons of dissimilarities between Benjamin Cayden and Marauder!

Benjamin Cayden
Source: Pyramyd Air

Benjamin Titan GP vs NP: Detailed Comparison

Benjamin Titan GP and NP are great rifles. They share the same design. However, while shooting you can expect few differences. I have put each thing for you. Here’s someone sharing their Benjamin Titan NP.

Now, let’s explore deeper on each air rifle’s different aspects and compare in between!

Shooting Capability

Benjamin Titan GP is popular for its high range shooting ability. More than 950 feet per second velocity can be generated through this GP. 

Along with that, this gas piston airgun contains the muzzle energy on the 0.22 is around 21 ft/lbs. Meanwhile, a 0.177 air rifle can deliver a muzzle energy of 18 ft/lbs. 

However, your rifle might lose up to 150 fps occasionally. Mostly, there are cases related to lead pellets overload. 

But as a single-shot air rifle, it can continuously get going. In the meantime, quicker shots indicate better break barrel action Benjamin

Along with that, a gas piston power plant works like an influential mechanism of your rifle. 

At the same time, Benjamin Titan NP has a lot to offer too. This nitro piston rifle might exceed the GP’s velocity level. 

More than 1200 fps is considered as the average velocity of Titan NP.

Relevantly, having a 2-stroke adjustable trigger brings out the best characteristics in the rifle. And, 6.75 lbs is the maximum value of its trigger. 

In the meantime, the same adjustable trigger attaches to the Titan GP. However, it contains less trigger pulling power of 4.5 lbs.

Winner: Benjamin Titan NP.

Accurate Scope

In terms of getting more accurate scopes, Benjamin Titan GP is just insane. This high-end scope including Nikon P-223 can be the best deal at the cheapest price range. 

Pricing level might differ while going through 3-9 and 4-12 scope too!

You will get here a 4×32 center point scope. As a result, no issue while holding zero is there. 

However, nothing comes out of proper perfection! This air rifle might serve better for its first few hundred rounds. 

After that, things might get unpredictable. Getting sporadic shots at a time might put your shooting performance into struggle. 

But still, if you can utilize the initial shots, every penny of yours is worth it indeed! Seeing this gets 3/4 inches group shots at 30 yards? 

Probably, you are not getting the higher scopes! But this is quite decent scope for newbies and intermediate-level shooters.

On the other hand, Benjamin Titan NP comes with a 11 mm scope dovetail. Meanwhile, no open sights are available. 

At the same time, it carries similar centerpoint optics as GP of 4×32 scope. In this case, you have got unmounted ones! 

Even if you test and review Benjamin Marauder, different scopes will be discovered! So, you can’t expect similar scopes in each Benjamin model. 

However, no matter what the scopes are, providing thumbhole stock is an awesome option! It ensures users have proper grip. 

Along with that, both types- GP and NP bring out a year warranty. But Titan GP has got better pulling facilities.

Winner: Benjamin Titan GP.

break barrel action Benjamin
Source: TNDeer


Cocking an air rifle usually indicates getting it to the trigger point before firing. Based on the gun type, this procedure might be different. 

However, Benjamin Titan GP requires a lot of effort putting into this to succeed. Generally speaking! You might not put this much effort into a standard gun. 

So, lack of this compatibility keeps GP below average. However, once you hit the required adult strength, cocking this will be much easier. 

Even though you put 31 pound cocking effort, the Titan GP might seem off. 

The exact opposite scenario you will get to see in Benjamin Titan NP. Having a smoother cocking makes this air rifle much more efficient. 

Along with that, you already know it’s smoother shooting capability. At the same time, no spring torque power is there. 

Relevantly, it does not allow any spring fatigue too. As a result, leaving this air rifle for hours while cocking won’t be a serious issue. 

No after-damaging or impairment will be there. Confused if this can function up to the mark in cold weather or not? 

Absolutely, it can! Moreover, getting this more long lasting compared to a metal spring is another good sign!

Winner: Benjamin Titan NP.

Price and Availability

The most important regarding the rifles are the price. Whatever rifle you should go for, always choose the right gun within your budget.

Starting with the Benjamin Titan GP, the gun may cost around $129-$149. However, you may fail to find the rifle on any appropriate website for online ordering.

On the other hand, you can find wide varieties of Benjamin Titan NP on any website. The gun’s price can range between $279-$379. It is more expensive than the Benjamin Titan GP.

Some of the best Benjamin NP air rifle guns are listed below.

For accuracy, go for Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle air Rifle. You can check the price on Amazon.

A perfect rifle for small game hunting is the Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL. You can check for availability on Amazon.

If you prefer bolt action, then check the Benjamin NP Single Shot Air Rifle. You can check the price on Amazon.

Winner: Benjamin Titan NP.

So, Which Gun Should You Go for?

In terms of cocking an air rifle, Benjamin Titan NP tops the comparison. And, you will see similar scenarios while exploring the shooting aspects. Shooting capability is a top-notch attribute of nitro piston rifles indeed. 

However, Benjamin Titan GP serves better accurate scopes. Which is more preferred by some people.
So, that indicates that Benjamin Titan GP for better scopes. And, Benjamin Titan NP for effortless cocking and shooting capability. Now choose the gun that suits your style.

Benjamin Titan NP
Source: Archer on Airguns

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Pellet Guns Lethal?

Not at all! You might barely find lethal cases or injuries caused by pellet guns aka BB guns. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission brings a report occurring four deaths per year only. However, airguns firing pellets at muzzle accelerations loftier than 350 feet per second can be destructive.

Who Assembles The Benjamin Air Rifle?

Benjamin air rifles are manufactured by Crosman. Meanwhile, Benjamin line of air rifles have been serving everyday shooters a broader range of options. Solemn hunters also enjoy this flexibility while expanding the bar across the board. It happens in reference to implementation and attributes.

How Far Can An Air Rifle Shoot?

Most rifle shooters can explore a limit of around 20 to 30 yards for hunting consistently. In the meantime, you might require more than 50 yards for some serious-level accurate hunting. It might demand for springers. However, the final line of hunting depends on how good you are at it!

Final Words

After reading this article, now you might differentiate between Benjamin Titan GP vs NP. Keep in mind these aspects so that buying the best air rifle can be achieved suitably. 

That’s all for today. We highly appreciate your commitment to reading this article till the end. 

Wish you good luck!

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