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Benjamin Prowler Trigger Adjustment: Complete Guideline!

In the world of air rifles, the benjamin prowler is really popular nowadays. People are super hyped about this rifle. 

However, people are quite lost when it comes to adjusting the trigger of the benjamin prowler. As a result, most prowler users are frustrated. But hey, don’t worry as this guide will be more than enough to solve your worries!

So, how do you proceed with Benjamin prowler trigger adjustment

Firstly, you have to remove the trigger guard for easy access to the trigger. After that, you have to measure the baseline trigger pull for a shot. Then, start adjusting the trigger to your preferred trigger pull by rotating the trigger screw. Finally, put the trigger guard back in.

Don’t stop reading here because this adjustment requires more information. You can get to know them by reading the article till the end! 

Get started here. 

How to Adjust the Trigger of Benjamin Prowler?

Since the trigger is such an important part of the Benjamin prowler, it needs care. While you are adjusting the trigger, try to keep that in mind. Doing trigger adjustments will be needed at some point in your air rifle journey.

However, some of the new models such as benjamin trail comes with better triggers. Those don’t need that much of an adjustment

mechanism diagrams of air rifle trigger

You will need to follow a sequence of steps to properly do the trigger adjustment. Note that a bit of knowledge about air rifle trigger mechanism diagrams can help immensely.

Don’t worry if you are new to this because I will guide you through everything. Below, I have provided the necessary steps to do the trigger adjustment of benjamin prowler

Give it a good read and follow the steps!

Step 1: Remove the Trigger Guard

For the first step, remove the trigger guard of the benjamin prowler. This will make it easier to reach the trigger. Yet, if your screwdriver fits the slot of the trigger guard, it won’t be necessary to remove it.

You can remove the trigger guard by simply unscrewing the screws holding it. If you are using a Benjamin Crosman, unscrew the Benjamin Crosman trigger adjustment screw

Still, If the trigger adjustment screw won’t budge, you can try loosening the screw.

After you unscrew the screws, remove the trigger guard and screw them back in. The screws will help hold the action into the stalk, which will be really useful for the future. 

Step 2: Get a Baseline Trigger Pull of the Trigger

Since the Benjamin prowler is a break barrel, you can’t dry shoot it. You will always have to shoot a pellet to measure the baseline. Though, it’s not necessary for all sorts of air rifle trigger adjustments.

trigger adjustments of air rifle

If you are shooting outdoors, shoot at a safe spot. On the contrary, if you are shooting indoors, prepare a cardboard box. Fill it up with old clothes and it should be able to catch the pellet.

Shoot multiple pellets to get an average measurement of the trigger pull. You can use a trigger pull gauge to easily measure it. You will just have to align the gauge with the rifle and pull the trigger. Use the metal ending for the trigger.

Here are some recommendations for trigger pull gauges from my end-

Trigger Pull GaugesFeaturesPrice
Wheeler Professional Digital Trigger Pull GaugeDigital screen for clear results
Accurate measurements with 1 oz increments
Audible indicator tone
Check Price on Amazon
Lyman 7832248 Electronic Digital Trigger Pull Gauge20x more accurate than common spring gauges
Works with almost any rifle, shotgun, or handgun
Ergonomic design
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G.P.S. Aluminum Firearm Trigger ScaleCan be configured for right or left-handed users
Anodized aluminum body
Rubber dipped handle prevents scratches on your firearms
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By using any of these gauges, you will get accurate measurements every time!

For the Benjamin prowler, you should get 5 – 10 lbs of baseline. Sometimes the baseline’s trigger pull fluctuates too much. It is actually one of the common problems with the hatsan 135.

If it differs too much with every shot, you can adjust it. Proceed to the next step for the adjustments. 

Step 3: Adjust the Trigger Screw

You will need a flathead screwdriver for this step. To begin with, locate the screw at the opposite of the trigger. 

Now, if you are trying to lighten up the trigger, rotate it counterclockwise. And if you are trying to harden up the trigger, rotate it clockwise. You should do a full turn of the screw.

Adjust the Trigger Screw

Always do small adjustments when adjusting a break barrel gun. Eventually, you will get there! Tighten/loosen up the screw and test the benjamin prowler again. 

This trigger screw rotation approach is the same for the benjamin marauder trigger adjustment.

The Benjamin prowler consists of a two-stage trigger. So when you are adjusting the trigger, be aware of that. If you’re feeling too much pressure on your fingers whilst take up/pretravel, tweak the first stage. 

On the other hand, if the pressure is too low/high during the trigger break, tweak it. If you have overturned the screw, don’t worry. You can always undo the last turn and restore the stages.

A pro tip would be to keep the trigger pull low for bench hunting. That way if your hands are cold, you won’t face difficulties. If you are free hunting, feel free to adjust the trigger to your comfort!

benjamin marauder trigger adjustment

By using the flathead screwdriver, keep on making small adjustments. If turning the screw by half seems too much, turn it by a quarter. It will deliver a more precise adjustment but it may be more time-consuming. 

The trigger pull may increase or decrease after a long time of use. You will have to adjust the trigger every time that happens. Every 2-3 months, apply some degreaser to the trigger mechanism. 

This will help retain the trigger pull for long periods.

Also, if you are attempting a benjamin air rifle trigger upgrade, adjust it after the upgrade. To ease the process, feel free to do some oiling of the air gun rifle.

Step 4: Put the Trigger Guard back in Place

This is the final step of the adjustment. Since the adjustment of the trigger is done, you can finally restore the trigger guard. Use the screws you have put aside in the first step to attach the trigger guard. 

After you put the trigger guard back on, you are all set! Clean the air rifle and go out hunting!

That is about it! These are the steps you should follow to properly adjust the triggers of benjamin prowler

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a .177 or .22 air rifle more powerful?

Among the .177 and .22 air rifles, the .177 has a higher initial velocity. Additionally, it has lower muzzle energy. All this combined gives this rifle a higher Killzone radius. The radius is incremented by almost 6 yards more than the .22 air rifle. On the contrary, the .22 has a lower initial velocity. 

Are heavier pellets more accurate?

Yes, heavier pellets are more accurate. For hunting, heavier pellets are actually recommended. These pellets have a number of advantages. For instance, by using heavier pellets, you can use high-velocity guns. The accuracy won’t be affected because of the weight. It also helps reach the maximum FPE on a target. 

Are marksman pellets any good?

Yes, marksman pellets are quite effective in many cases. Although, it depends on the usage purpose ultimately. The marksman pellets have zero accuracy deduction in a 25-yard range. It also provides an adequate amount of consistency and quality. The weights vary for the marksman pellets; so choose wisely! 

The Final Words

That’s all from me! Hopefully, now you’re very clear about how to do Benjamin prowler trigger adjustment

If you’re not too keen on doing the adjustment by yourself, don’t worry. Take the Benjamin prowler to a gun shop and they can do it for you!

Wishing you all the best!

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