Benjamin Kratos vs Marauder

Benjamin Kratos vs Marauder: Which One to Choose?

Do you have a knack for airguns and trying to find out the best one in the market? You might have come across Kratos and Marauder quite a few times in articles. When it comes to choosing one of them, you’re more confused than ever.

So, which one to choose in the fight of benjamin kratos vs marauder?

There is almost no difference in weight or overall length between the Kratos and the Marauder. But while Kratos has better accuracy and great shot count, Marauder is waterproof and durable. There are very fine lines in the light of the differences between Kratos and Marauder.

So, to know more about them let’s scroll down and read the article. Shall we?

A Quick Comparison of the Specs

Choosing between Kratos and Marauder is just as hard as choosing an airgun between Benjamin Cayden vs Marauder. Before we get into the details let’s give you a head start with the notable differences. 

SpecsBenjamin KratosBenjamin Marauder
Overall Length43.35″43.0″
Weight8.26 lbs8.2 lbs
Caliber.22″ (5.5mm).177″ (4.5mm)
Barrel Length18.9″20.0″
Shot Capacity1210
Suggested forSmall game hunting/target practiceSmall game hunting/target practice
PowerplantPre-charged pneumaticPre-charged pneumatic
TriggerTwo-stage adjustableTwo-stage adjustable
UpgradesNot yetCrosman Barrel

 Now let’s get into the details!

A Detailed Review Between the Benjamin Kratos vs Marauder

We’ve provided you with all the key differences till now. It’s time to get you started with the detailed comparison.

Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it.

Shot Count

Benjamin Kratos pcp air rifle is more powerful and has better accuracy based on shot counts . Kratos has 60 shots per fill and can load two pellets at once. 

In contrast, a factory stock marauder has 16 full-power shots before needing to be refilled. And after 16 shots it needs to be refilled which is a pretty low shot count compared to Kratos.

Power and Strength

There is 50 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle of the Marauder.  When the heavier 31-grain Superdome pellets are shot, their velocity is lowered to around 750 feet per second. Accordingly, the Benjamin Marauder delivers about 38 foot-pounds.

Benjamin Kratos 25 hunting rifle can shoot 32 fpe at velocities up to 1000 fps. It gives you ample strength and enough accuracy for target shooting. Benjamin Kratos accuracy is the best feature about this airgun. At 40 yards, it is accurate and holds good groups. It is also adequate for hunting at 50-85 yards only after the gun breaks.

Handling and Feel

With ambidextrous wood stocks, the Benjamin Marauder woods walker provides a solid cheek weld. Its wide forend is great for riding bags, but not so wide that it is difficult to shoot off hand.

As you pull back the side-lever on Kratos, the magazine pushes into the magazine well. It snaps into place with a satisfying click. A first pellet can then be chambered upon closing the side-lever. Whenever you feel the need for a safety catch, this one is positioned perfectly.

Weight Distribution

At 8.2lbs, the Benjamin Marauder can’t be considered lightweight. You can add another couple pounds for a scope and rings. In contrast, Kratos is a bit heavier than Marauder, weighing 8.26lbs.

Bullet Variation & Capacity

This Marauder air rifle has three bullet variation options. It is available in .177, .22, and .25 caliber.While  Kratos has one less option and is available in .22 and .25.

Kratos has a strong shot capacity and can shoot upto 12 shots. Whereas,  Marauder is a little behind the race. It can shot upto 10 shots.Here we can see, Kratos is clearly the superior weapon.

You can check the bullet variations from here-

However, make sure to look into the problems of Umarex origin before purchasing. 


Kratos having a wooden outer body structure is not the waterproof option.

However, Benjamin Marauder BP2264S has all-weather synthetic stock which is waterproof. It is durable, lightweight, and well-balanced.


For the cost, Kratos is a bit more on the pricey side with all the premium features it delivers.

Nevertheless, Marauder gives Kratos a run for its money, offering almost identical specs and little compensation for the higher price tag.

Ease of use 

The process for filling the Marauder and Kratos is just about as easy as it gets for a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle. The cap over the fill valve in Marauder is a nice touch, preventing it from getting damaged if the gun ever takes a fall.

However, The Kratos is a better fit for regular shooters for everyday use.

Final Verdict: Which One to Choose?

Finally, the long-awaited moment has come and it’s time to crown the winner. Considering all the details, we can see Kratos is just a little ahead of Marauder.

Kratos has a better aim for shooting practice. It also has great power and unbelievable strength. Whereas, Marauder has a low shot count and can only fire up to 38 yards.

Moreover, Marauder’s bullet variation is more in comparison to Kratos. And not to forget the cherry on the top is that Marauder is waterproof and durable having silicone stock.

Kratos with all its premium features and high-quality specifications is delivering what it promises for the money. But then again, keeping weather and price in check Marauder is definitely a worthy choice.


Who makes the Benjamin Kratos?

The Craftsman Collection, from the iconic Benjamin brand, presents the Kratos PCP-powered air rifle. Featuring a handsome, crafted Turkish walnut stock with an adjustable cheekpiece.

Is Benjamin Marauder regulated?

Yes, Benjamin Marauder is regulated. Marauder delivers a long, consistent shot string with up to 85 shots by using the regulated system.

Is .177 or .22 better?

The .177 is a solid caliber choice for small mammals. On the other hand, .22 is generally capable of firing faster velocity pellets.


This was all you needed to know about benjamin kratos vs marauder. We have shown you an in-depth comparison and provided you with all the information we could gather.

Kratos is surely one of the best airguns out there but you can also check out Marauder for the price and durability.

We hope we’ve been helpful in making you take the right decision.

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