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Benjamin Discovery vs Marauder: Which One to Pick?

Do you enjoy airguns and want to find the greatest one available? 

You may have seen the names Benjamin Discovery and Marauder before. However, you don’t really know which one will be the ideal choice for you.

So which one to pick from Benjamin Discovery vs Marauder?

The Benjamin Discovery has the advantage of less weight & lower filling pressure. This makes it more ergonomic and easy to handle. However, it is a single shot unlike the magazine feeding of the Marauder. The Marauder also has higher velocity and is quieter than the former one at a higher price.

That will be a quick summary. Let’s read the article and find out more about them, shall we? 

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Benjamin Discovery Vs Marauder: Quick Comparison 

The Discovery and Marauder are two of the most popular air rifles by Benjamin Firearms. 

Before we go to the in-depth comparison, here is a quick table of the technical specs.

AspectBenjamin Discovery Benjamin Marauder
Pellet Velocity 900 FPS (0.22 Caliber) 1000 FPS ( 0.22 Caliber) 
Filling Pressure 2000 PSI 3000 PSI 
LoudnessLevel 4 Level 2 
Weight 5.2 lbs 7.1 lbs
Price $280-300 (approx.) $580 (approx.) 

Now let’s head on to the main discussion.

Benjamin Discovery Vs Marauder: Detailed Comparison 

Benjamin Firearms is one of the most popular brands in the airgun industry. They are renowned for making high-quality and precision air rifles.

Benjamin Discovery

You might get confused while choosing between the two like choosing between HW97 and HW77. Both of them are excellent rifles offering premium features.

However, to make things easier for you, we have dug deep into the topic and compared each aspect.

Pellet Velocity: 

Pellet velocity is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an air rifle. Usually, the pellet velocity is obtained by shooting lightweight pellets.

Pellet Velocity

Hence, real-life readings can be different than the advertised ones. In this case, higher is better. Higher velocity results in a less curved trajectory. This makes it easier to hit targets like the FX Royale 500.

To compare the two rifles, I used 0.22 caliber pellets. In this competition, Benjamin Marauder comes out on top. 

It has a rated pellet velocity of 1000 FPS. This is 100 FPS greater than the discovery model. This makes it easier to shoot with the marauder than with the discovery rifle. 

Winner: The marauder clearly wins this battle with 1000 FPS. It’s always good to have more velocity rifles at hand.

Filling Pressure: 

Filling Pressure is another thing that is overlooked by many air rifle users. Lower filling pressure is always advantageous. It allows one to fill up the rifle easily and quickly.

The marauder

Higher filling pressure requires specialized equipment at times. This may not be pump friendly at times. A rifle with a lower filling pressure can be filled with a pump. 

Hence, the Benjamin Discovery comes out on top. It has a filling pressure of 2000 psi whereas the marauder has a filling pressure of 3000 psi.

That’s why this hunter suffered from a pressure problem with his Benjamin marauder-

So if you want to go with Benjamin marauder, get yourself a pressure regulator. Also, Benjamin Degassing Tool can be a good choice for both airsoft guns.

Because of the aforementioned issue, Benjamin Discover is more pump friendly than its competitor. It can be easily filled with a hand pump which is cheap and fast.

Winner: Benjamin Discover wins the pressure battle with a low filling pressure of 2000 psi. You will always want a rifle that can be refilled easily and economically.


This is a factor that air rifle users should take into consideration. Loudness is not only important for the rifle, but also for the environment.

Your neighbors probably won’t hear the loud sound of your rifle. People might even cuss you for that. 
In terms of loudness, the Benjamin Discovery is rated at Level 4. This is “medium-high” on the loudness scale.

the Benjamin Discovery is rated at Level 4 loudness

This makes the rifle very loud and noisy. Your sleeping neighbors might even get awoken by the gunshot sound.

On the other hand, Benjamin Marauder is rated at Level 2. The rifle is exceptionally quiet and slick. It’s so quiet that some users say it’s Level 1. Your neighbors won’t yell at you for the sounds if you use this.

Winner: The Marauder wins this battle one-sidedly. It’s quiet, slick, and fast. It does not bother the surroundings at all.


Weight is the factor that directly contributes to handling, ergonomics, and comfort. The Discovery weighs lighter than the marauder. It stands at 5.2 pounds. 

On the other hand, the marauder stands at 7.1 pounds. Hence, the discovery is much lighter than the marauder. 

It is also ergonomic too. The marauder has a long shoulder to trigger distance. This can be hard for people with relatively shorter hands.

the marauder stands at 7.1 pounds

Due to its less weight, the discovery has a short comfortable stock. This is a positive sign for any airsoft gun.

Winner: The discovery wins the rumble of the weights. Its relatively less weight allows better handling, comfort, and ergonomics.


Pricewise, the two rifles are way apart. They belong to different price ranges. The Benjamin Marauder is the premium one. It has a price tag of around $580 which is almost double of Discovery.

The Benjamin Discovery is sold for around $280-300. Hence, it is way cheaper than the marauder. 

However, the price of the marauder can be justified by high pellet velocity, less noise, and build quality.

Winner: The money battle is won by Benjamin Discovery. It comes at an affordable price range with similar features. This makes it ideal for beginners and hobbyists alike.

So, Which One is The Best?

Undoubtedly, both guns are good and have their ups and downs. However, the best one for you depends on your demands and budget.

The discovery is a great gun for beginners and hobbyists. It is sold around the $300 mark. It is lightweight and has a lower filling pressure. This is ideal if you are on a budget. 

But the rifle is very loud and works on a single-shot mechanism. Also, the pellet velocity is slower than the marauder. Pick this rifle only if you are a beginner or hobbyist. This may not be ideal for professionals and seasoned veterans.

On the other hand, the marauder has a magazine-fed mechanism alongside high pellet velocity. It is way quieter than the discovery. Hence, it is favored by Professionals and veterans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is The Difference Between A Gen 1 And Gen 2 Benjamin Marauder?

The main difference is in the position of the trigger group. It attaches the main tube and the breach block attachment. Both generations use different components for the pressure tube, breach block, trigger group, and stock. Hence, they are not interchangeable.

How Powerful is Benjamin Marauder?

The Benjamin Marauder is powerful enough to fire bullets up to 1100 FPS. It provides ample power for the hunters to land accurate shots. The gun also supports different types of pellets which allows versatility. Also, the shots are clean and effective.

Are Benjamin Rifles Regulated?

Yes, the Benjamin rifles are regulated. For example, the Benjamin marauder can fire 0.22 caliber shots at 80 shots per fill regulation. The speed of the pellets can go up to 1100 FPS in this case. Hence, it is the ideal choice for veterans and marksmen.


That will be all from our side on benjamin discovery vs marauder.  Hopefully, you have got the answer and can pick the best one for your purpose.

Whatever you buy, do clean, oil, and maintain them properly. Always use the recommended pressure for filling.

See you soon.

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