Benjamin Cayden vs Marauder: Choosing The Right Rifle

It is natural to get confused while choosing guns as there are so many factors to consider! Especially If you are looking for the best multi-shot air rifle for your small to medium range use. 

A lot of small and medium-range guns are available for game hunting, but the names Marauder and Cayden are heard a lot.  

So, what is all this rage about Benjamin Cayden vs Marauder?

Now, when it comes to power and shot counts, Marauder beats Benjamin Cayden. Marauder is also more on the affordable side. However, when it comes to accuracy Benjamin Cayden takes the edge. 

But to figure out the best option for yourself, you need to get all the necessary information. 

Quick overview Between Benjamin Cayden VS Marauder: 

Finding the right gun for yourself can take some time. However, if you’re low on time, this section is for you. Here, you’ll find the most important differences between the specs of the two guns. 

Here we will shed light on all their uniqueness and everything you need to know.

Aspects Benjamin Cayden    Benjamin Marauder
Caliber .22.22 and .177 
Overall Length  41.7”   43.0”
Barrel Length20.9”    20.0”
Weight 7.9lb8.2lbs
Action Sidelever Bolt-action
TriggerTwo-stage, adjustableTwo-stage, adjustable

Detailed Discussion of Benjamin Cayden VS Marauder

As you can see, the differences between the Cayden and Marauder aren’t as striking as the differences between the Kratos and Marauder. Still, even the smallest differences are enough to set them apart. 

Now that you know the differences between the specs of the two guns, it’s time to take a better look at their features. In the following sections, we’ll be exploring the features of both guns so you can make a better decision by assessing them. 

The thorough comparison showed their individual stronghold and weakness. Now, let’s begin.


Benjamin Cayden’s maximum velocity is 1000 FPS and their maximum power is 32 FPE. And as for Benjamin Marauder, its velocity is approximately 900 FPS in .25, 1000 fps in .22, and in .177 it’s 1100.  

So, Marauder offers more options and power in terms of velocity. 


For Marauder, pumping is not fatiguing which is a common problem with many PCP rifles. The internal shroud makes it incredibly quiet. 

Whereas, Cayden is not that quiet. But you can get a “silencer” separately. A silencer works by lowering the pressure inside the gun.

Cayden has manual and resettable safety. And Marauder has a manual lever in front of the trigger. Thus, both are presumably quite safe. 

Shot Counts

Benjamin Cayden’s shot count is up to 60 per fill at 3000 PSI. And as for Marauder, they promise to offer a maximum number of shots from each fill at maximum power. This ranges from 20 high-power shots per fill with 2000 PSI for Marauder

This goes over 100 shots at lower acceptable power of 3000 PSI. So, this makes  Marauder the stronger choice. 


Price is one of the major facts to consider. Marauder’s costs around $496 and Cayden ranges about  $549. So, Marauder is definitely on The more adorable side. 


Marauder has excellent accuracy at 45 yards. You have a range in caliber available which are .22, .25, and .177.

Benjamin Cayden offers consistent accuracy from 50 yards. It can go up to that range with maintaining accuracy.

This makes Cayden an option with a more accurate area range. And Marauder with more versatility and scope for accuracy. However, you could zero the scope of both guns with a mirror for improving their accuracy. 

Special Features: 

Benjamin Cayden .22 has Turkish Walnut Stock with an adjustable cheek. It also has a 12-shot rotary magazine. It can deliver over 1000 fps with a 32 fee. With an adjustable trigger shoe and rifled steel, the barrel adds to its features. 

Threaded 1/2×20 Barrel is there to make it happen. Magazines are flawless. Along with all these, it includes a 5-year limited warranty in case any issue occurs.

Benjamin Marauder is already a well-known and established option in the market and for very good reason. It has a fully ambidextrous Monte Carlo model stock with an adjustable cheek. Comes in two versions which are the hardwood and synthetic versions. 

These two equally offer a broad and leveled forend.  

User Experience  

Along with all these well-aligned features, Benjamin Cayden is very user-friendly. Its side lever action is smooth and works without any issue. Cayden is a great option for Hunters and precision plinkers as it allows great shoot off a bipod and the bench. 

The stock and cheek provide the perfect line of sight within users’ scope. The broad and flat range enables using it for field target competitions. 


Though Benjamin Cayden has sound suppression, it is not quite like Marauder which is the quietest. This doesn’t affect its performance much though. Also, Benjamin is the more expensive option. Along with that, if you want to suppress the noise, you’ll need to purchase another item,’ silencer’ for that.

Our Recommendation

Now that you know what sets the two guns apart, it’s time you made your pick. As both of these guns offer something unique, the purchase decision should be made based on your requirement. 

Maintenance tips: 

Here are a few tips to take care of your gun and ensure a longer life for it!

  1. Protect from moisture because they cause rust. 
  2. Don’t keep it anywhere with a damp atmosphere. 
  3. Use an oily rag to wipe the dry parts. 
  4. You can treat your scope lenses with Rainex. They will provide a clear sight even in rainy weather in the woods when you are hunting or working with your gun. 
  5. Make sure to have a gun cabinet, a combined toolbox, and a rifle stand. It will work totally for your benefit. 
  6. Ensure that your pellets are well preserved in their tin. This will prevent those from rattling and provide soft protection. 


Do You Need a Tax Stamp for an Air Rifle Suppressor?

No, you don’t need a tax stamp for an air rifle suppressor. Air gun silencers are approved by The National Firearm Act of 1934 in the USA. Those are completely legal to buy and make. 

Which Benjamin Marauder is the Best?

Among the Marauder series, the Wood one is the best. It has a highly adjustable match-grade trigger, excellent sound suppression, excellent and reliable performance.

Is PCP a Good Choice for a Hobby? 

PCP helps develop better accuracy. The only con is pumping. If you don’t mind it, it is a great option as a hobby. 


After all the comparisons and discussions, we have found that both of the guns are great and have their individuality. In benjamin cayden vs marauder, Marauder wins for affordability, variety of caliber, shot count, and sound suppression abilities. Cayden on the other hand, has more accurate range coverage. 

You can safely buy either, and none will disappoint you.

Happy Shooting!

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