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Benjamin 392 vs 397- The Complete Breakdown!

You might be aware of the Benjamin brand serving different multi-pump rifles with higher durability. But, which ones are the best you wonder?

It’s time to lessen your dilemma! We will look closer at the two Benjamin models exploring different aspects. 

So, what are the differences between Benjamin 392 vs 397?

Benjamin 392 has less shooting capability than Benjamin 397. Also, Benjamin 392 might not seem more useful for pumping. In that case, 397 models are suitable for pumping along with better shooting capability. In terms of pellet quality, Benjamin 392 has larger ones and is easier to handle. 

These are not everything! You deserve more to know! Worry not, we will take you through further in-detail discovery in this article. 

In the end, you can differentiate every single aspect before buying. So, let’s get going. 

Benjamin 392 vs 397: A Quick Glimpse

What are the factors available to differentiate between Benjamin 392 vs 397? Well, we will try to cover the main aspects and dissimilarities they show! 

With that intent in mind, let’s get a quick comparing overview in the table below!

Compared FactorsBenjamin 392 Benjamin 397
Shooting Capability685 FPS800 FPS
Pellets Larger and easier to handleSmaller
Mounting ScopeBetterAverage
Muzzle Velocity12 ft lbs10 ft lbs
PriceCheck the price on AmazonCheck the price on Amazon

Have you picked anything by going through this quick synopsis? Bet you might get to relate the air rifle’s necessary aspects already. 

Just like this, Benjamin Titan NP vs GP shares differences too!

But could you find this enough to differentiate? No, actually! 

But worry not, we have designed those in the following section. Excited or super excited? Let’s get into this then!

Benjamin 392
Source: Air Gun Maniac

Benjamin 392 vs 397: Detailed Comparison

Finally it’s time to explore more closely each air rifle’s aspects and compare between!

Pumping Flexibility

Both Benjamin air rifle models come with a classic multi-pumping system Benjamin. Meanwhile, there might be some difference in pumping quality here. 

Well, what does a pump act on? Typically, it can repeat the gun’s firearm action.

And, it’s done by driving manually with a slide handguard on the forestock of your rifle. And, according to the design, pump firearms can be single-stroke or even Benjamin multi-stroke too.

Despite both being the best multi-pump rifles, 392 models are not the ideal match for pumping. 

This type might require more physical effort to pump. In the meantime, the pumping of the 397 models feels much effortless.

Winner: Benjamin 397.


If you’re up for small-gaming and fun hunting, then Benjamin 392 might be an ideal option. Going for plinking and professional, or club shooting? 

Try the 397 models containing 0.177 calibers. Though a multi-pump pneumatic is not popular for professional hunting or shooting. 

However, users who believe in this mostly rely on others’ feedback. Once you shoot it by yourself, you might give this gun priority to professional work.

In the meantime, Benjamin 392 can produce more energy in the quarry. But overall, 397 is quite open to every possible task.

Winner: Benjamin 397.


The size measurement of your air rifle is known as caliber. Along with that, the size of cartridges developed for various bores also is known as caliber.  

And, the bigger the caliber size, the more chances your targeting shots will be! In this scenario, Benjamin’s 392 rifles come with 0.22 caliber. 

On the other hand, you will find the caliber 0.177 in the Benjamin 397 model. But choosing caliber between 0.177 and 0.22– which one is suitable? Well, larger caliber guns are meant to come up with heavier bullets indeed. 

So, surely Benjamin 392 provides you with heavier bullets succeeding in any target down more suitably. But 397 can do that smoother! 

Caliber reflection you might find in any air rifle’s weight and length too. In this case, Benjamin 392 weighs more compared to the 397 models. 

Caliber also measures how far your bullet can go! A 0.22 caliber is determined to have a shooting range up to 685 FPS almost. Quick higher right? 

Not really if you compare this to the other one! More than 800 FPS can be delivered through Benjamin 397.

Winner: Benjamin 397.

Mounting Scope

Apart from the Benjamin 397’s well-made quality, the mounting scope might have some limitations here. This air rifle might demand more money to have an upright scope mount solution. 

Along with that, you will find pumping quite harder. Usually, 3 to 4 pumps can take you a long period to proceed.   

At the same time, this gun will not provide much eye relief on the scope. On the other hand, the Benjamin 392 model comes with top-notch eye relief. Relevantly, its base is closely situated to the rails in the article. 

This scenario depends on the varieties of scopes like 3-9 and 4-12 scopes too!

Usually, Picatinny rails and Air Venturi bases are found in the Benjamin models. What these might do together is, secure your eye position. 

Get the best Picatinny rails from our recommendation!

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Magpul M-LOK Aluminum Picatinny Accessory RailCheck the price on Amazon

While you are shooting, the lesser distance between them, the more eye relief you will get. And so, less bumping is there. 

Winner: Benjamin 392.

Benjamin 397 model
Source: YouTube

Pricing Range

Apart from the main air rifle, several parts and accessories might be required. So, the cheaper the air rifle, the better saving you might have. 

However, in terms of characteristics and benefits, Benjamin 392 and 397 share fewer differences. But you might find the 397 models cheaper a bit. 

Getting this air rifle might demand you around $190 to $200. But while picking the 392 models, the budget might not get restricted to under $200. It might require nearly $220 to $230 maximum.

Winner: Benjamin 397

Benjamin 392 air gun
Source: Carousell

So, Which Air Rifle Should You Go for?

If you have come this far, you might have picked the best one on your head initially! But in our thoughts, the Benjamin 392 model is more suitable and reasonable to use. 

Why so? We know that it might fail you some time to serve better mounting scopes. But in terms of caliber, usage varieties, or even pumping facilities, Benjamin 397 wins over 392. 

And also, 397 comes with cost-effective pricing too! But, here’s what someone has to say about Benjamin 392.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Are Benjamin Air Rifles Assembled?

Benjamin air rifles were made in the United States and manufactured by Crosman. Manufacturers this always branded these air guns as being American-made. Meanwhile, materials that are sourced are all coming from USA-based vendors too. You will find its manufacturing process ongoing in St. Louis. 

Are Benjamin And Crosman The Same?

Crosman and Benjamin are the two most recognizable names in the air rifle company. Meanwhile, both brands come from the same business concern- Crosman Corporation. However, most air rifle users don’t realize this. The Crosman brand was established back in 1924. But Benjamin got launched in 1992.

What Is The Dissimilarity Between The Benjamin Marauder Gen 1 And Gen 2?

The position of the trigger group makes the key difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2. Also, you will find their attached varieties in the main tube along with the breech block. Meanwhile, you can’t substitute the pressure tube, breech block, or trigger group between the two generations.

Final Words

After reading this article, now you might distinguish the aspects between Benjamin 392 vs 397. And, keep in mind these aspects for your next purchase. Hopefully, you can pick the best rifle model from Benjamin.

That’s all for today. Got anything in your mind? Let us know!

Good luck!

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