Benjamin 392 Not Holding Air

Benjamin 392 Not Holding Air – A Complete Guide

You seem to be ruffled by your leaky Benji. Either way, call it a manufacturing defect or self-inflicted mischief; you need to fix it. But before that you must know the causes behind it. 

So, your benjamin 392 is not holding air

There could be a variety of reasons behind Benjamin 392 not holding air. The majority of the time, the problem is with the O-ring. If that’s not the case, dirt in your gun tube can cause it. Lastly, hammer string issues can also make your Benji 392 stop holding air. 

We have explained all 3 reasons. You can fix it yourself with a pro-tier guideline, broken down into bite-sized chunks. No fancy tools or micro-level accuracy would be needed. 

Let’s put on our handyman hats, and let’s get started on our expedition. 

Is Your Benjamin 392 Actually Leaking?

Before getting into the reasons, you have to figure out if the gun is leaking. Yup, this is necessary even while your nerf ultra one gun faces problems. 

So, how to find out if you’re going through the problem? 

Just follow the mentioned instructions below to find out-

  • Firstly, pump your benjamin 392. 
  • Gather a spray bottle and fill it up with soapy water. 
  • Now, spray the parts you think can cause this issue. The components can be the trigger, the exhaust valve, and so on. We suggest spraying the entire gun. 
  • While spraying, observe if you see any bubbles. Because bubbles indicate, the leak is taking place in that part. 
  • Now, there’s a chance you might not see any bubbles. In that case, fire the gun, and the soap water will come out of the part that’s leaking air. 

So, that’s it! Perform these steps to figure out if the gun is leaking or not.

Why Benjamin 392 Isn’t Holding the Air?

Now, if you’re sure it’s leaking, let’s get to the reasons. Well, your Benjamin 392 might be leaking and may not be retaining air for a variety of reasons.  

Let’s have a look at the causes of it-

Reason 1: Issues with the O-Ring

The first reason behind the leaking can be due to faulty O-rings. 

Now, the o-rings are inside the valve assembly of your benjamin 392. So, if you see soapy water coming out of the valve assembly screws, be sure it’s the o-ring that’s causing the leak. 

The o-ring inside the valve can be torn or not sealed correctly. Worried? Don’t be! Because we’ve got the solutions ready for you. 


First of all, patching up the screws of the valve assembly won’t fix this problem. Because as we’ve mentioned, the culprit is the unsealed or torn o-rings. 

Therefore, you’ll have to buy new o-rings. Then replace the old ones with the new ones. You can use an o-ring kit for the replacement. 

Now, once the replacement is done, add grease to the o-rings. Your problem should be solved after doing all this. 

But if you’re still facing the issue, you have to get a new valve assembly. And for this, it’s best to go to an expert. 

However, you might want to disassemble the gun yourself. Then do keep some tools with you. These are a Phillips head screwdriver, a small flat head screwdriver, and a piece of clean cloth.

Note: There’s one suggestion we can give you while you’re getting a new valve body! And that’s- if you’ve got a valve body that’s aluminum, this time get yourself brass valves because they won’t corrode at all!

Reason 2: Problems with the Hammer Springs

If the first reason isn’t responsible for making this issue, it might be. The gun won’t hold air frequently due to hammer springs that aren’t strong enough.

But relax! There’s a simple fix for it.


The first solution can be installing some washers. You have to install them behind your spring. This will make it tighter. While doing this, just make sure the washers are small.

Now, the second solution is to buy a larger diameter spring. Once you have it, you have to compress it. Then cut the spring around 1/8 inches longer. Lastly, install it. 

Now, if the bolt doesn’t cock it, you have to trim the 16th of it one at a time. Do it till it fits. And that’s it!

Reason 3: Debris and Dirt in Tube 

If none of those mentioned above reasons is causing the air leak, debris is to be blamed! Well, this reason is kind of hard to figure out. So, you have to make an entire tear down on the gun. 

By the way, dirt can instigate issues with your hatsan 135 as well. 


Now, if this is the cause, you have to degrease everything. But do clean up the debris and dirt while you’re at it. 

When you’re done with degreasing, put in your new seals. Then use an airgun lubricant to re-lube. This will fix your problem! 

Here are our top picks for airgun lubricants:

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Airguns Properly

Now, after fixing the gun, you shouldn’t just stay put. Because without proper maintenance, you’ll face problems with it again. 

That’s why we’ve brought together five tips to help you out. Those are mentioned below-

Tip 1: Maintain Your Bluing

The exterior metalwork of a conventional airgun is finished using a process known as ‘bluing.’ It requires protection against rust. It was induced by moisture contacts like water or a wet atmosphere. Using an oily rag, wipe off the dried surfaces.

Tip 2: Get a Rifle Rest 

You might buy or create a combined toolbox and rifle stand. Why? To make working on your gun easier. Both hands are free to operate while your air rifle is supported.

Tip 3: Treat Your Scope Lenses 

Imagine staring up into the trees when hunting in the woods in the rain. It is unavoidable that you will get rain on the front element. A lens cloth can protect the scope lenses. 

Tip 4: Pick Your Barrel Cleaning Method

An airgun bore is rarely cleaned. But when it is, there are two acceptable methods. These include utilizing a pull-through or firing felt pellets through it. 

Therefore, just pick any of these cleaning methods. And clean that gun of yours properly. This way, you can avoid unnecessary issues with airguns.

Moreover, always keep your rifle gun clean

Tip 5: Try a Flip-up Lens Cap

Many airgunners will have flip-up lens caps on their scopes. When the lens caps are closed, they protect the optics from dirt and rain. 

They also help to keep your storage facility’s glass elements clean. So, try them out. 

So, these are some ways you can keep your airgun working correctly! Follow the tips mentioned above to get the most out of your airgun.


Can You Modify Your Benjamin 392? 

Yes, you can modify your favorite Benjamin 392 the way you want. With a Big Ed SuperSear, you can drastically improve the trigger (e.g., make it accurate 2-stage with 1lb break) for approximately $35.

Can You Rebuild Your Benjamin 392? 

Of course, you can rebuild your Benjamin 392! Get a rebuild kit and place the old parts with identical new features. 

Can You Use Scope For Benjamin 392? 

Yes! You can use a scope for Benjamin 392! The first step is to ensure that the mounting system you choose is the right fit for your rifle. The scope should be mounted as low as possible on the weapon.


We hope we were able to respond to your query “benjamin 392 not holding air.”

But here’s one last piece of advice-

Benjamin 392 already has enough power to propel a pellet with four to five pumps. These cans ultimately maintain a low enough velocity. However, a couple of extra pumps on the 392 will give you greater power and range.

Happy shooting!

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